Heirs of Power

After stumbling upon an otherworldly ritual, Kitty Fairlow discovers that her own incredible hunting skills are not merely due to a lifetime of training. She’s been gifted powers from an ancient spirit, passed down by her father. She is a Constellation.

And she’s not the only one.

A new generation of heroes have each inherited unique abilities to prevent the corruption of their world by the Tenebri, a race that thrives on life energy. Kitty, along with a high-born dancer and a snarky juggler, must find their allies before the Tenebri army picks them off.With the powerful enemy emerging, can the Constellations gather in time to put an end to the threat for good, or will their foe succeed and wreak the same destruction they have unleashed on their own world?

The Mage-Lord's Legacy

“They need six Urns, Archer, and they have four. Only two stand between your world and mine.”

Unsure whether to trust information from a Tenebri mage, the Constellations race to stop the invasion of their world. Every decision could result in fatal consequences. Do they gather the lost Urns, find the remaining members of their team, or split their focus and possibly lose everything?

As usual, no-one seems to agree and it’s up to Kitty to prevent her allies from falling apart. But with her own demons from the past, devastating betrayals, and the distraction of forbidden love, it might take more than she has to offer.




The Missing Branch

Trapped in a tedious job without fulfilment, ambitions, or a boyfriend, Izzie Murray’s only passion is researching her ancestry. But the beautiful mural of her family tree switches from a distraction to an obsession once she hits a mysterious gap in the timeline. Why would an entire family just disappear?
With an intense craving to find the last pieces of the puzzle, Izzie ditches her life in England to investigate the last known whereabouts of the family – the little town of Bulwark, Georgia. Between the unnatural behaviour of the local wildlife, tales of witches, and the overpowering draw of a puddle of weird goo, she’s only finding more questions to answer. The instant attraction to the one resident in town that seems to be on her side isn’t helping either.
Bulwark does not give up its secrets easily. And sometimes things are hidden for a reason.