Gail Nyoka – Star’s Reflection

I am with Pegasus publisher, but this is a publisher where one pays to be published, so I consider myself Indie.

I’m a Canadian playwright, writer and oral storyteller and I’ve had a love affair with ancient Egypt for a very long time – more years than I’d like to say. I travelled solo to Egypt as part of the research for this book and spent lots of time in museums and libraries, so the background is accurate.

Oral storytelling is a passion, and I actually prefer telling these stores to adults more than children. My first children’s novel, Mella and the N’Anga: An African Tale, was short-listed for several awards in Canada and the US. My young-audience play, Mella Mella, won the Chalmers Canadian Play Award: Theatre for Young Audiences.

By Raymond Edwards


What do you see when you look in the mirror? For schoolgirls Vida and Sammi, it is a very special mirror with a very different reflection, for they can see life in Ancient Egypt. Even in ancient times, the magic that made the mirror of Het Heru had been a mystery. The mirror is handed to the chosen successor of each High Priestess of the ancient Egyptian temple. The old magic weaves into the twenty-first century in this tale of two time periods.


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Iryna Andriyevska – Enslaved by Illusions

Iryna Andriyevska – Enslaved by Illusions

Some people are just different. From the bottom of their childhood, they feel themselves not like the other ones. And during the whole life, this feeling leads us to the unknown world of cruelty, violence, suffering.

“When I was a quite naive little girl, everybody said to me: “You are a princess! The most beautiful in the world! We love you more than anything … ” Why has nobody told me that once my kingdom will be melted like night ghosts and dark clouds routine rains pour from my eyes? How much I want to ask my mother why it hurts so bad?”

I didn’t have a happy childhood, my parents gave me nothing: neither materially, nor morally. I had to build myself a person who I am now, I built a great life after I got out of my past.

Now I am a 21 year old Talent Acquisition Researcher in huge IT company, I have somebody I’m in love with, I love my life. But I will always remember things that made me the person I am now. I will never regret.

I wrote the book “Enslaved by Illusions” for such people like I was. I remember times when I so much needed any help, but I never got it. I want to be that help for people, who are afraid to keep living. Also, I wrote this book hoping that people will become more understanding after reading it.

I want to touch your souls with my book.

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