Indie Advent Calendar

Indie Advent Calendar

Welcome to Indie Advent Calendar.

There’s always that one person we struggle to buy a gift for, sometimes we aren’t even sure what we want ourselves!

From the 1st – 24th of December I’m going to be introducing two independently published books to you, as well as sharing a bit about the authors. With a range of different genres being featured there’s bound to be something for everyone, even the most awkward to buy for family member. There are so many hidden gems out there, just waiting to be discovered- you may even find your new favourite author…

There is also a draw on Facebook to win one of the featured books and you can vote for which you’d like to see as part of a video review in the new year.

You can have a chat about the books over on the Facebook page or in the comments section here by clicking the post title to go to the comments page.

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7th- Charles Freedom Long and J. L. Hunt

Charles Freedom Long – Dancing With The Dead

I’m an organizational psychologist who has lived and worked in the U.S, Canada, England and Africa. I’m now happily living the life of a hermit in the boonies of Western New York, with my wife and three Maltese dogs.
My author persona, Charles Freedom Long, talks with deceased people all the time. After years of seeing the dead portrayed in countless fatuous ways, I decided it was time for someone to show them in a manner some might consider more truthful. That is, life continues beyond the change we call death, the personality survives passing beyond the earthly life and moves on into other dimensions.

The triple award winning science fiction novel, Dancing With The Dead, has detailed world-building, alien cultures, and a unique, human-alien love story, that includes a different view of what it might be like to pass beyond the veil called death. It will challenge your perception of death, life after death, and the quest for truth.

It’s a tale of a brilliant astrophysicist jihadist, Fahd al-Sharfa, whose entire life has been about becoming a “martyr for truth.” He’s on a suicide mission to destroy two space stations and a thriving city on the moon. Everything is going according to plan until he falls in love with a seven-foot tall, cat-like, bipedal alien coworker named Quenby from a planetary race of pacifists. He begins to question his beliefs. The presence of the dead, beside and among the living cultures, both human and alien, respected for their insight and consulted at the personal and political level compounds the situation, as the dead on both the sides of law enforcement and the terrorists struggle for victory, and Fahd’s quest for ultimate truth takes him beyond the veil called death.

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J. L. Hunt – Beautiful Boy

“The Author, Jenita…has always had a heart for children & writing.
She has worked several years caring for children as a Professional Nanny.
In addition, she has been honing her writing craft over the years as well, which fueled the inspiration for her book release, “Beautiful Boy” …. the first of her B-Boy/B-Girl series.”



A Poetic, Motivational Children’s Book, Designed To Help Build A Positive Self-Concept & Positive Self-Esteem, In A Colorful, Stirring, Way.

“Caught in the trenches of despair….Is there hope? Does anyone care?
On an explorative adventure….in search of mystical treasures buried deep within…
& what does he find? Get the book, to read from beginning to end!”


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6th- Brydie Wright and Monday Sadiku

Brydie Wright – Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo

Do you ever wonder why daddies disappear for hours on end? Where on earth do they go?
Based on true events, Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo tells the adventure of a little boy who faces just such a conundrum. Follow him on a journey of discovery, as he tries to make sense of one of life’s great mysteries.

This debut picture book from self-published Australian author Brydie Wright will delight early readers with its honesty and sense of humour. Mums, Dads and grandparents will get a cheeky laugh out of it too.

A perfect gift for Christmas that everyone in the family will want to read, available on Lulu

You can find out more about Brydie Wright’s inspiration and her lively blogs on her website and on Facebook


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Monday Sadiku – The Wave of Change

I am an Engineer, Author, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Social worker, Political analyst, Leadership expert and a Progressive.



This deals with leadership and development struggle and the possibility of having a good and performing leader in an African setting, particularly in Nigeria.


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5th- Gail Nyoka and Iryna Andriyevska

Gail Nyoka – Star’s Reflection

I am with Pegasus publisher, but this is a publisher where one pays to be published, so I consider myself Indie.

I’m a Canadian playwright, writer and oral storyteller and I’ve had a love affair with ancient Egypt for a very long time – more years than I’d like to say. I travelled solo to Egypt as part of the research for this book and spent lots of time in museums and libraries, so the background is accurate.

Oral storytelling is a passion, and I actually prefer telling these stores to adults more than children. My first children’s novel, Mella and the N’Anga: An African Tale, was short-listed for several awards in Canada and the US. My young-audience play, Mella Mella, won the Chalmers Canadian Play Award: Theatre for Young Audiences.

By Raymond Edwards


What do you see when you look in the mirror? For schoolgirls Vida and Sammi, it is a very special mirror with a very different reflection, for they can see life in Ancient Egypt. Even in ancient times, the magic that made the mirror of Het Heru had been a mystery. The mirror is handed to the chosen successor of each High Priestess of the ancient Egyptian temple. The old magic weaves into the twenty-first century in this tale of two time periods.


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Iryna Andriyevska – Enslaved by Illusions

Iryna Andriyevska – Enslaved by Illusions

Some people are just different. From the bottom of their childhood, they feel themselves not like the other ones. And during the whole life, this feeling leads us to the unknown world of cruelty, violence, suffering.

“When I was a quite naive little girl, everybody said to me: “You are a princess! The most beautiful in the world! We love you more than anything … ” Why has nobody told me that once my kingdom will be melted like night ghosts and dark clouds routine rains pour from my eyes? How much I want to ask my mother why it hurts so bad?”

I didn’t have a happy childhood, my parents gave me nothing: neither materially, nor morally. I had to build myself a person who I am now, I built a great life after I got out of my past.

Now I am a 21 year old Talent Acquisition Researcher in huge IT company, I have somebody I’m in love with, I love my life. But I will always remember things that made me the person I am now. I will never regret.

I wrote the book “Enslaved by Illusions” for such people like I was. I remember times when I so much needed any help, but I never got it. I want to be that help for people, who are afraid to keep living. Also, I wrote this book hoping that people will become more understanding after reading it.

I want to touch your souls with my book.

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4th- Michelle Connell and D.E. Morris

Michelle Connell – Cookie Encounter

My debut novel is Cookie Encounter: A Chance Encounter Inspirational Romance, available on Amazon, B&N and through Ingram.

Cookie Encounter is a NaNoWriMo novel which I wrote in 2007. I edited and worked on it off and on over the next several years, debating whether to find an agent or self-publish. I decided to take the plunge to indie publish last year and so far, it is doing well with 4.5 stars or higher.

Cookie Encounter is about Natalie Alexander who moves to southern IL to escape her past. She then meets high school teacher Nick Norton over a platter of cookies. But she isn’t looking for love, or is she? How can she fall in love without revealing her secret? Join Natalie on her journey to forgiveness and love in a wholesome and heartwarming story.


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D.E. Morris – Aliens in the Gift Shop

Hi! I’m sci-fi author D.E. Morris. I’ve been a sci-fi and fantasy geek pretty much my whole life. I did not grow up with a television and I’ve been a voracious reader from a young age, as books became my entertainment. Current influences include Douglas Adams and Steven Moffat (as well as being an obsessive Doctor Who fan). I currently have two sci-fi humor/adventure books available, both inspired by Doctor Who-style action.



This first book follows two extra-terrestrial scientists who have arrived on Earth for their first reconnaissance mission: to study and gather information about human society and interaction. Due to a miscalculation in their environmental data the mission is a complete disaster. While trying to salvage their assignment, they discover that they have brought with them an object that is vital to the survival of their planet. This discovery unwittingly puts them, and the Earth, into the interstellar cross-hairs of their enemies, who will stop at nothing to acquire it.

You can continue the adventure with the second book: “Aliens and the Race to Earth.” Please visit my author website for information and samples. Plus, as an added bonus, through December you can join my email newsletter and download both books for free. Enjoy!

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3rd- Alex Stargazer and Groovy Lee

Alex Stargazer – The Necromancer

Alex Stargazer – The Necromancer

In ordinary life I’m known as Alex Bujorianu; the name being of Romanian origin, I decided to spare my readers the trouble of spelling it, and so I write pseudonymously as Alex Stargazer. I think the pseudonym quite charming—and many of my readers seem to agree.
I am currently 18; I wrote the first draft of the Necromancer at 14, and published it two years ago, at 16. On its second anniversary I decided that the book merited an update. And so you see the book that stands before you.

If you’re curious to learn more about me—including news about my upcoming new novel, the Ark, and the complexities of having lived in three countries—feel free to head over to my blog, I would appreciate a Christmas gift  ; )



In the frozen heartlands of the north, a dark force is reborn; his power is great, and his army swells with every monstrous recruit. In the Arachadian capital, Dresh, a string of mysterious kidnappings leaves the Great Mage puzzled. And in the mage academy of small town Renas, an unwitting apprentice is plunged into a quest: it will prove a fight for her life, a fight for the man she loves, and – ultimately – a fight for the future of the land.
Delve into this dark world of mystery and magic; of beings that walk the great forests and haunt the alcoves of the night. The necromancer awaits you…


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Groovy Lee – Colors In The Dark

Hi, My name is Groovy Lee

I write wholesome Kindle Romance & Romantic/Suspense. I live in the deep south with my daughter, my queen. I’m addicted to bottled tea. And my favorite time of the year is tennis season. You can look for me when the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open are airing, but you won’t find me. I’ll be in front of my 53″ television.

I have two works in progress at the moment, and they should be released early 2017. My first Romantic/Suspense novel has an element of Sci-Fi, which is a first for me; it has an evil mummy as the antagonist. I’m really excited about it. I hope my readers will be, too. Until then:

I’ve included a link to my latest Romantic/Suspense, Colors In The Dark

Please feel free to contact me and ask me questions or talk about books. I would love to hear from you.

Thank-you! And happy reading!

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2nd- Kathryn Harrison and Nathan Bush

Kathryn Harrison – Weeds in Nana’s Garden

“As with any great story, it stays with you long after you turn the final page.” Amazon Reviewer

Following the special bond between a grand-daughter and her Nana, this colorful and captivating book will help readers better understand Alzheimer’s Disease & other dementias. A young girl and her Nana spend much time together in Nana’s magical garden. Then one day, the girl discovers that her Nana has Alzheimer’s Disease. Over several years, her Nana declines, but the girl learns to accept the changes, and takes over as the garden’s caregiver.

Extending from my personal experience with my mother’s dementia, I created this book to support families and spread understanding of these brain diseases. My young daughter made the clever connection that inspired the story, remarking that like the weeds taking over the flowers in her Nana’s beautiful garden, the disease was taking over her Nana’s brain.

Using poignant illustrations, filled with flowers and fairies, to portray the tender story, this book gently explains these brain diseases while engaging children. It also includes a Question & Answer section. Plus each purchase supports the Alzheimer Society of Canada, an organization that supported me greatly during our family’s dementia journey.

Interested in adding this special book to your collection? Visit the website ~ It is available in Hardcover and Paperback.
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Nathan Bush – Written in Blood

Nathan Bush is the author of The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District series.

Nathan has been reading since he was able to pick up a book and has been writing since middle school. He has written in many genres, to include fantasy, sci-fi, a little horror, poetry and songs, but found his preferred niche in the crime family of Christian fiction.

Book 1, Written in Blood, is now available in ebook (free for KU subscribers) and print on Amazon

Join Detectives Kennedy Collins and John Filcher, as they attempt to track down a killer with an insatiable appetite for destruction and a desire to ruin Ken’s life. Read along as John, a devout Christian, seeks to lead Ken to a lasting relationship with his Creator. Feel the anguish in Ken as he struggles with his dad’s recurring illness, as well a his own mental and physical problems. Throw in a budding relationship with a beautiful cashier, a bureaucratic watchdog established by the Governor, and some insight into the mind of Eddie, a serial killer bent on revenge, and you just might have a book worth reading.

Don’t just take my word on it, check out the reviews on Goodreads, then see for yourself when you pick up a copy.

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