Martin Hadfield – Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life

This is the book your boss won’t want you to read.

Many of us have worked in offices, trying to deal with the unwritten rules and the strange personalities that surround us.
“Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life” provides a fresh look at how any employee can survive spending eight or more hours a day in this unnatural environment. This jam-packed read contains hints and tips on everything from the latest trendy management techniques to starting a new job and managing your manager.

Practical advice is mixed in with a bit of fun and humour in a unique, entertaining way, creating the perfect read for the daily commute.

After having spent many years working in various office environments, Martin Hadfield had an epiphany and realised that people spend most of their time working in offices without even understanding their environment or trying to make it better.

So, while others thought he was taking detailed minutes in team meetings and presentations, Martin was jotting down tidbits of advice and tips for surviving life in the office. After countless revisions and rewrites, these scrawled notes became “Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life”.

Martin continues to work in an office cubicle, reassured in the knowledge that his quirky observations and advice provides entertainment and a helping hand for office workers everywhere.


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R.M. Gauthier – Control

R.M. Gauthier lives in Ontario, Canada and has a diploma in Film & TV Production.

She began her writing career late in life, which she has been quoted saying, “better late than never.” She has two novella’s published, Longing & Waiting, and is excitingly awaiting her debut novel released on November 10 2016.

She is part of many writing FB groups and helps run a group called The Indie Writers’ Cooperative, which provides her plenty of joy helping other authors anyway she can.


Can one night change everything?

After a night out with her best friend, Alexandria’s world is turned upside down making her re-evaluate her entire life. Meeting Landon Miller, a powerful businessman and owner of an exclusive club opens the door to a world she never knew existed. But, what lies beneath his business suit is a dark domain of mystery and control that unlocks a world of crime and punishment.

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