Cecily Wolfe – Throne of Grace

I am a librarian and lifetime devourer of books – all books. I read picture books, non-fiction, teen, middle grade, adult, romance, science fiction, fantasy. You name it, I’ll read it. I write whatever comes to me, usually in the form of a character rather than a story or situation. Throne of Grace, my Christian historical romance that was released on October 25 of this year, was written during a summer a few years ago when I was pretty angry about everything. I had never written inspirational fiction before, and somehow, Arthur, the main male character, came to me and whispered a sweet love story that I sat down and wrote over about six weeks. I still am very fond of Arthur, and was happy to give him and his Josie a happily ever after in Throne as I worked through my own issues that very hot summer. A few days after Throne of Grace was published, a reader contacted me and asked when book two would be published. Book Two? What book two? That is how Cliff Walk Courtships came to be. Within two weeks, I had titles and outlines created for Crown of Beauty (book two) and Treasure of Hope (book three), which will be released in October 2017 and 2018. For the month of December, Throne of Grace is 99 cents on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords as an e-book. I hope that historical romance and inspirational readers (and anyone interested in expanding their reading interests if they don’t currently read inspirational romance) will enjoy Arthur and Josie’s love story.

Earlier this year, I released my novella, A Harvest of Stars, which is a contemporary drama about two teens in love and dealing with abuse in a small Kentucky town. Harvest is FREE as an e-book for the month of December. If you check out my blog on Goodreads you will find a recipe for the rum balls that Locklyn, the protagonist, makes with her friend Claudia Rose, as well as the playlist for the story. Playlists for my books are on Spotify under ceciwolfe. I am currently working on my April release, Reckless Treasure, which is about a high school senior who is in love with her older neighbor, but her mother is having a relationship with him. Her grandmother, who has died long ago, had a high school boyfriend who is back in town for his high school reunion, and when he and Francesca meet, he is stunned by her resemblance to the grandmother she never knew. His money and connections can give her a future far away from her small town and self-serving mother, but at what price?

You can stop by my Goodreads page to add Throne of Grace, A Harvest of Stars, and Reckless Treasure (as well as books two and three of Cliff Walk Courtships) to your to-read list, and be sure to get your FREE copy of A Harvest of Stars from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to your reviews and comments on Amazon and Goodreads. Visit me on Twitter too!

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My Amazon page, with links to Throne of Grace and A Harvest of Stars

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Heather Murray – Among Friends: Travels in Cuba

I was born in Canada, but have spent most of my adult life working in Switzerland. I first travelled to Cuba to attend a conference, where I met a number of ordinary Cubans and started to discover an extraordinary country. Since then I’ve returned several times to explore more of the country and make more friends.


With an eye for the telling details of daily life, Murray first explores Havana and then the provinces to the west and east in visits spread over eight years. We meet Julian, a Cuban colleague and friend, Magdalena, landlady and untiring critic of the Castro regime, Ernesto, taxi driver and mountain guide, and an entertaining cast of naïve tourists, enterprising peasants and perspiring bicitaxi drivers. Besides probing the Cuban psyche, Murray’s explorations highlight the unique scenery of Cuba from the elegant center of old Havana to the dramatic landscapes of the Vinales valley, and from the pristine beaches of the northern keys to historic Trinidad and the Escambray mountains with their lakes, waterfalls and jungles.

A humorous and sympathetic portrait of Cuba as it emerges from over half a century of privation and isolation.


Travels in Cuba is popular with armchair travelers but also with people who have already been to Cuba or who want to visit it as independent tourists. It’s not a town-by-town travel guide, but rather a taste of Cuban life. There is a website of photos to accompany the book here.

The book is available in paperback from Amazon and as an e-book from Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple and other distributors.


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