My guest today writes it all, from romance to children’s books to sci-fi. It’s my pleasure to welcome Louann Carroll!

Hi Louann! Tell us a bit about yourself.

If I’m not at home writing, reading, or researching, I am out collecting rocks, or swimming, or boating, or playing with the grandkids.  My husband and I like to travel to places like Death Valley where I collect rocks or to the dry lake beds in Nevada where we pick fossils.  I have quite a collection but my favourite is my 45 million year old brain coral that I found in Nevada. I thought I was looking at a weird little rock and when I picked it up, well, let’s just say we discovered why it’s called brain coral and it was far larger than just the piece of weirdly brain stuff showing.



Have you always wanted to write books? What made you start?

I wrote my first children’s book in the early 90s as a way to show my children what I felt death was like. I lost my dad when I was 5 and I wanted to make sure my kids understood what death was, a renewal or a new beginning, not the end of everything.

Your biography page reveals that you are an avid fossil hunter- tell us about your most exciting find!

Ha! I just did. J My other most favourite find is a rock solid, literally, fossilized egg. I have a friend who is a palaeontologist. She tells me it’s a fossilized turtle egg. It is so cool. You can see where the little guy tried to get out and somehow failed. It sits next to my brain coral on my shelf.


What are your favourite genres to read and write?

I love horror, gothic, sci-fi in that exact order.  I used to do romance, but read so many I lost interest. Now, horror with a love interest is fabulous as is sci-fi. Think Star Wars meets Godzilla. Nah, just kidding. J I will read just about anything I can get my hands on.




Do you find switching your writing between so many different genres difficult?

No. I have interests in so many areas that writing in different genres, allows me to explore those areas of my life that need an education. Research is my best friend. I can spend hours researching a single subject, or days, or months, or even years. All my novels have a spiritual theme as well. So in one sense all my books have one genre: spiritual growth.


Who is your favourite character from your own books and why?

I like Kathryn from the Gemini series. She starts off afraid of everything and ends up facing the worst demon you can imagine. She is made of sterner stuff than you think. She was my toughest character to write too. She prefers to remain in the background but you can’t do that when you are the star of the story.


If you could visit any point in history, which would it be?

I once underwent hypnotic regression and relived what was thought to be a past life. I was in Egypt and I was very happy. Another regression took me back to Egypt as well where I was a priestess to Apis, a bull deity worshipped in the Memphis region. So, I would return to Egypt where it appears I lived two very happy lives and have an enormous affinity for in this life as well.

Tell us all about your upcoming release!

Gemini Rising, The Crossing is my next book due out this spring. It is a re-release, with updates and changes from a new publisher, Ellysian Press. This is the first novel I ever wrote and it won several awards. My first publisher went out of business so Gemini is being re-released. I love this series with all my heart.

The last thing Kathryn Kelly wanted was to move away from her beloved San Francisco, but she and her 13-year-old son Ryan have little choice when her husband receives a grant to excavate a newly discovered Anasazi village in the Arizona desert. Missing the salt air and misty mornings of the Bay Area, Kate hates the dusty heat of Arizona. Saddened over the move, she’s resentful when Jason chooses to spend more time at the dig than at home in Sedona.

After the planet Nibiru appears overhead, Kate begins having strange, frightening nightmares. A UFO appears in the sky and the repeating message — PREPARE FOR THE CROSSING — mysteriously appears on her computer screen. When she waves to a Native American woman at the dig, a testy Jason tells her she must be seeing things because there are no women associated with the dig. What most upsets her, is the overpowering emotions she experiences when Jason introduces her to Noah, an archaeologist just out of university.

Similarly attracted to Kate, Noah is more than the kindred spirit he appears to be. A thousand years old, he’s been assigned to help Kate and Ryan through the crossing of Nibiru, a planet that passes through the Milky Way every 3,600 years. Due to Nibiru’s trajectory, sometimes the planet causes little stir, this time Nibiru will tear apart Earth’s ecosystem and turn the planet on its axis.

Noah commands the Nektosha, one of the Galactic Counsel spaceships preparing to rescue the chosen — the animals and humans picked to reseed Earth following the destruction of the planet. Kate has been chosen to record the destruction of Earth’s most advanced civilization. Ryan as well has a calling. Gifted by the aliens with the ability to heal, he will be charged with saving the handful of people who survive the violent earthquakes, floods and shifting of poles on the Earth’s surface.

Once Noah announces his true purpose on Earth, Jason refuses to believe in either aliens or the catastrophic end of days. When Noah removes Kate and Ryan to the safety of his ship, Jason’s inability to believe leaves him stranded on Earth, launching him on a separate journey that will change his narrow outlook of the universe and the man he thought he was. Meanwhile, Kate and Noah discover a love so deep that humanity will be reborn. As Earth recovers from the crossing, Kate and Ryan are destined to walk a different path than humanity has ever known. These changes to Earth, to Kate, and to Ryan will usher in not only the dawning of an intergalactic age but the chance for humanity to reconcile with a universe stranger than they could ever have imagined.


What makes this story unique?

Gemini Rising is actually an observatory in Hawaii who discovered a tenth planet in our solar system back in 2010. It is said that this planet, Nibiru or Planet X will cross paths with Earth, turning the planet on its axis and destroying civilization. I took Revelations in the Bible along with some facts and then threw in some fiction to create an epic love story that spans the ages and in the end will unite humanity with the angels making the universe whole once again. Here is one of the reviews from the first publishing of Gemini Rising:

Louann Carroll’s fundamental idea for Gemini Rising came to her in a dream, but the plot is loosely based on actual archaeological discoveries relating to Sumerian history and the famous Mayan Calendar. Nibiru actually exists!  According to a small group of current conspiracy theorists, the rogue tenth planet will pass through our solar system on its 3,600-year orbit around the sun, dooming Earth to cataclysmic destruction.  They contend that NASA is currently tracking Nibiru, but that the information is being kept from the public as part of a worldwide conspiracy.  We’ll see…

Packed with prophesy, pain and passion; with love, devastation and renewal, Gemini Rising is the memorable introduction to what promises to be an epic intergalactic/interdimensional series that will rock sci-fi readers to the core.  This first book is set in the near future in the United Socialist States. America is plagued with many of the consequences that today’s conservatives believe we will face if our government continues down its current liberal path.  Yet, as frightening as this future world becomes, it didn’t once occur to me to put this book down. Simply put, it’s one of the most amazing, yet unsettling books I’ve ever read.  For Ms. Carroll, it’s a crowning achievement, so masterfully written it can do nothing but win every award for which it’s certain to be nominated.

The mystical love story of Noah and Kate is both sweet and awe-inspiring. It drew so many tears from me in spots that I had to stop reading to mop up the flood. Otherwise, I was completely lost in this book. The ceiling could have fallen in on me and I wouldn’t have noticed. Kate, despite all her initial wailing, resentfulness and depression over each and every danger, adversity and harsh condition she had to face, always rises to the occasion. She is probably a more authentic heroine than we sometimes see in romance novels. Accustomed to Jason’s overbearing and demeaning attitude toward her, she’s a typical woman forced to face adversities so monumental that she’s ill equipped to handle them. Noah, on the other hand, is a complete rock, solid and enduring in his devotion to Kate and to his mission to save humanity.

Gemini Rising is a truly superb book, arguably the best futuristic novel to come down the pike in quite sometime.  Don’t miss it.  Its anticlimactic ending will leave you with what Ms. Carroll  calls a “haunting echo” of what is to come sometime in 2013 with the release of The Light and the Flame, the first of several highly anticipated sequels.


Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I love my husband, my kids, and my grandchildren. I also love chocolate. Oh, and I have Crohn’s disease, a subject which I blog about often. And my dogs are Aggie, a rescued Fox Terrier and Bella, a rescued black lab. I also do news stories for Blasting News and I review books for Amazon. I have also written a paranormal crime book about drugs called Innocent Blood and a romantic horror with multiple dimensions in a Shadow of Time.

Thanks so much for your time, Louann!


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