D. Thrush – The Daughter Claus

I wrote a book because my mother told me to. Not that I always listened to my mother or did initially. But she kept bugging me about an idea she had about Santa’s daughter (named Santina) who helps him out at the North Pole. She thought it’d be a cute story of generational conflicts. “You write it, Mom,” I insisted. I knew she’d written a few unpublished stories, and I hadn’t even published my first book yet. But she wouldn’t let up, and the story started forming in my head. By the time I’d written and published “The Daughter Claus,” she had Alzheimer’s and never got to fully enjoy the book I’d created from her idea. I named Mrs. Claus after her – Clara. It has become my most popular book. I wrote a sequel last year and am now working on a third (and final?) book about Santina and the dysfunctional Claus family. Christmas magic, romantic entanglements, family dramas, and most of all girl power make this a fun holiday book. I love these characters and so do readers. Thanks Mom!

“The Daughter Claus” is on sale for .99 on Amazon from Wed. 12/14 thru Tues. 12/20.


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Hannah Ross – Paths of the Shadow

I’m Hannah Ross, a writer of primarily high and epic fantasy. I also write science fiction/dystopia and historical fiction. I’ve been making up tales in my head even before I could hold a pencil. Once I discovered this magic of recording stories on paper, I never looked back, writing diaries, essays, short stories, poetry, plays and, in recent years, mostly novels.
My biggest projects of the past years are Quest of the Messenger, an epic fantasy trilogy, and Wild Children, the beginning of a new sci-fi/dystopia series.
Until now I’ve been a 100% indie author, but recently I’ve signed a publishing deal for my upcoming novel, Wild Children, with Mason Marshall Press.
On a more personal note, I’m a homeschooling mother to three young children. My husband and I enjoy a rural life very much in the boonies, where we have a large garden and a flock of backyard hens. Digging in the earth and collecting fresh eggs is incredibly de-stressing and healthful to the soul.


Meet Nicholas Swift, a determined bachelor and a skeptical historian. His work is made of dispelling myths and shedding light on the solid body of fact. When he is told by the residents of a small village about a strange phenomenon that can be observed in the area, he dismisses these rumors as old wives’ tales. Sooner than he knows, however, he is drawn into an adventure he neither expected nor wished for as he discovers a magical link between our world and another quite unlike it.
Nicholas finds himself in a land full of loyalty and courage, but also blood thirst and danger. He meets a king who yearns for an heir, a man who hides a dark secret, and a woman who believes she has what it takes to keep her beloved land safe, but threatens countless lives in the process. In the midst of it all, Nicholas is left to figure out the purpose of his unique fate.

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