S K Wee – Absence of Color




When nobody is who he or she seems to be, how do you know whom to trust? Join the adventures of Darby and Wagner, partners who work for an underground spy network, call ‘The Black Rose’ and is led by a woman named Lil Red. But who are all these players, really? A new twist on a coming of age story that will have you wondering who is who and what will happen next.



Richard Roux –  A Branch Too Weak



Richard Roux, a native Californian, was born and raised in Bakersfield, the largest town in Kern County, California. By profession, he is a history teacher and adjunct professor. With an interest in a variety of topics and activities, Richard brings to his writing a mixture of history, anecdotes, and humor. When not spending time with his family, teaching, playing hockey, and enjoying the outdoors, he continues to research and write. A series of new releases are planned for the future.


A Branch Too Weak, a work of historical fiction based on the California Gold Rush, is the first book in the Golden Empire Series. The second book should be available by early 2018.



Danny Vance was an ambitious young man. Like thousands of other Americans, he was enticed west when word of gold in California reached the rest of the United States. It became his goal to reach California to “see the elephant.” Faced with struggle, sacrifice, violence, and himself on a daily basis, he pushed his limits to achieve his dreams. The journey west wasn’t what he expected; it rarely was. Will Danny Vance make it to California, or give up like so many others? Will he find his fortune? Will he find himself? Only he could provide the answers.




Besides the sunshine necessary for the growth of a tree, water is essential. Through a little miracle of nature, leaves use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into the energy necessary to grow. Rain…sweet rain…is feast or famine in the Greenhorn Mountains, as is snow. Less than ten miles away from the oak tree was the wild Kern River, too far away to be a source of water for the tree in question. As was the Poso Creek, at least five miles away. That left the intricate weave of roots that dwelled wide and deep into the ground to provide the water needed for survival. As the saying goes, only the strong survive. A quick look around the forest bolstered this claim, with the stunted trees and sad, brown sticks that dotted the hillsides here and there. Sticks that would have passed for trees if they weren’t dead, victims of the competition for water.

But this tree was a survivor. No animal had chewed it to a nub. No storm had blown it over or piled so much snow in its crown that it collapsed under the combined weight. It had escaped lightening and wildfire. And drought, the long-time enemy of California in a physical and human sense, had not claimed it as a victim. Its roots, yearning for water, spider-webbed and radiated down and outward from its base. Every precious vein of water, great or small, was desired and needed. Like an appendage stretched to its limits, the roots were lifelines; connections between the earth and the sky. Life perpetuated. Bark like armor. Rustling leaves in a cool breeze—greens, and browns, and greys. And blood. The year was 1854. At this moment, the liquid seeping into the ground at the base of the tree was blood that belonged to Daniel Vance. Above him, swaying in the gentle breeze as if macabre fruit, was the lifeless body of a man strung-up by his neck.



Aditi Agarwal – Think Positive, Speak Positive, Act Positive


About the Author

Aditi Agarwal is an accomplished author who is excited to share her knowledge with her readers. Her mission is to spread positivity, love, and compassion in the world. She has designed a 3-fold strategy to embrace positivity in life. In this book, she emphasizes the importance of positive thoughts, words, and actions. She believes that a positive mind is the ultimate secret to happiness and success. Aditi lives in Phoenix, AZ with her loving family. She likes to travel, write, and meet new people. She respects different cultures, languages, and religions.



About the Book

This book reveals a 3-step strategy to embrace positivity in life. It focuses on the specific techniques, principles, and exercises to develop a positive mindset that leads one to success, happiness, and self-confidence.


The perception that others hold about our personalities depends on the energy that we radiate out to the world. The fact is, we create energy every moment of our day, whether it is positive or negative. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions emit vibrations in the world. If you radiate more positive energy than negative energy, you can achieve what you desire.