Michelle Eshbaugh-Soha – FOOD WARS, Episode IV: A Noodle of Hope

This book actually started out as a homeschool creative writing project with my two sons, ages 13 and 10. We had always thought how funny it would be if our dog thought he was a great hero, and we began to come up with scenes from Star Wars that featured dogs instead of humans. Well, what we shared with our friends and family was so enthusiastically received that we decided to go for it and publish a parody of Star Wars. Thus it was that “FOOD WARS, Episode IV: A Noodle of Hope” was born.

The story follows Puke Skywalker, a young mutt with a yearning to get out and smell the world. When he intercepts a secret message from a furry princess, the Doberman-Yorkie bites off more than he can swallow (almost), and unknowingly casts himself into the heart of a galactic war. Armed with his father’s light-skewer and guided by hunger and the mysterious wisdom of a hound named Old Bone, Puke joins a group of rebels in their attempt to save dogkind from the evil Alpha Empire and their dark-haired warlord who would force dogs everywhere into the slow death of a vegetarian diet.

But the questions remain: Will our heroes be able to stop the Alphas before spinach and crab grass become their only source of nutrition? Will their hunger distract them from their goal? Will they ever learn to count past two?

This book is the first in a series that will include Episodes V and VI. It is written for the upper middle grade and young adult audience, but is just as enjoyable for adults who remember George Lucas’ classic “Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope.”

Happy reading!

Michelle Eshbaugh-Soha (and Ethan and Rowan too!)

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Ghufra Baqi – Demise


My name is Ghufra Baqi. I’m a 15 year old from India. I would love some feedback or reviews on my mystery book named Demise.

A peaceful reunion turns into a horrifying tragedy when Harris and Xavier Tijan’s host is found dead in his bed. When Xavier begins to unfold the mystery, would the result turn out to be suicide or something more sinister like…murder?

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