Margaret Standafer – Misty Lake


About the Book

Welcome to Misty Lake, a charming small town in Northern Minnesota and home to the McCabe siblings: Jake, Joe, Frank, Riley, and Shauna, all of whom are eager to meet you! Book One in the series, Misty Lake, is a clean, romantic suspense novel that tells Jake and Sam’s story.




Misty Lake isn’t completely unfamiliar to Sam Taylor; she has fond memories of summer days spent there as a child at her grandparents’ cabin. Learning her grandfather built a stunning home in that cabin’s place, and that she is now the owner, however, comes as a shock. After relocating to Misty Lake, Sam tries to lose herself in her woodworking business and her volunteering with an organization for at-risk teens. She tries even harder to close herself off from any personal attachments, knowing her heart can’t take any more hurt. That proves difficult when she becomes the target of a vandal and Misty Lake’s sheriff, Jake McCabe, gets involved.

About the Author

As a substitute teacher at an alternative high school, I’m passionate about helping struggling teens find the right path. As a life-long resident of Minnesota, and with both a father and a husband who are skilled and accomplished woodworkers, the story of a woman making a career out of woodworking while navigating the ins and outs of small-town life in Minnesota’s lake country, is a story close to my heart. Weaving these themes together to create Misty Lake was a labor of love. I’m truly touched and grateful beyond measure when readers contact me to tell me my story struck a chord with them, as well.

When I’m not writing, I’m busy being a wife to Phil, a mother to Claire and Dylan (and to our Golden Retriever, Rigi), teaching, gardening, hiking, or reading. Actually, I’m always reading, and have found ways to incorporate it into most of the aforementioned activities!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!




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Alyson Serena Stone – Once


About the Author

Alyson Serena Stone hails from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. She began her writing career in 2010 on and She has published over two hundred stories on those sites. When not writing, she came be found reading, watching bad movies, and listening to heavy metal music.

She would love to hear feedback from her readers, so don’t hesitant to drop a review.


About the Book

Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Xandria and Trelia, each one just as powerful as the other. For hundreds of years, these kingdoms worked side by side in perfect harmony. That was until the fairies arrived in Trelia to celebrate the birth of the Trelian princess. Now, the land finds itself locked in a curse that can only be broken by true love’s kiss.




The lush lands of Trelia greeted the early morning sun as it danced over the lands. The fairies’ wings glittered off  the sun’s light and dew that littered the grounds. Normally, these fairies would have stopped to enjoy such a lovely day, but today was different. There was no time to waste. They had to get to the castle.

The lead fairy, Amberfall, turned and looked back at her sisters. “We have to hurry!”

“Amberfall,” Purpleflash huffed at her sister, “we are not going to late!”

Amberfall’s wings flashed an angry red at Purpleflash. “We cannot be the last ones there! The king has personally invited us to this event and it just would not be good taste to be late!”

Honeylashes, the youngest of the fairies, stared up at the sky. “Are you sure we can’t stop and dance in the sun? It’s good for us, you know. It will be a good chance for us to renew our powers.”
“There’s no time!” Amberfall exclaimed. “The king asked us to be there and we are going to be there!”
Honeylashes sighed. “But they say the first sunrise of summer is the most important. It will bring us closer to the nature of summer.”

Amberfall rolled her eyes.  “Why was I cursed with sisters such as these? Are the gods really that cruel?”

Purpleflash shot Amberfall a dirty look. “We often wonder the same thing about you!”

Amberfall shook her head as she flew along the great waterfall. They were so close to the palace; it did not do well to fight amongst themselves. Besides, today was supposed to be a happy day. For it was today that Trelia would pick the name of their new princess. All of the leaders of the kingdoms had been invited to this special event.

The three fairies flew to the very top of the waterfall, watching as the fish jumped out of the water in greeting. Today was just a perfect day. Everything was in perfect harmony, just the way Amberfall liked it. Even the darkest of the creatures were not showing their faces.

Amberfall flapped her wings even harder. They were so close that she could almost taste the palace’s famous chocolate cake. Ah, chocolate cake and cameras to take pictures of all of the lovely clothes. What more could a fairy ask for?

“Amberfall!” Purpleflash yelled. “If you don’t slow down, you are going to be all sweaty for the party!”

Amberfall slowed. Sweatiness meant there would be stains on her dress and stains just were not proper. She was a queen after all. A queen must always present herself with the grace of one, no matter how excited she was.

Honeylashes flapped her wings alongside Amberfall. “What do you think they will name her?” she dreamily asked.

Amberfall shrugged. To be honest, she really hadn’t given much thought about what the princess’s name would be.

Purpleflash wrapped her arms around herself. “I’m sure that it will be a lovely name. Royalty always picks the most precious ones!”

Amberfall flapped her wings even faster. “Which is another reason why we have to get there now!”

The other two fairies exchanged long looks before flying after their sister.

Ahead of them, a long, dark shadow appeared, coming so quickly as death itself. Amberfall stopped and watched as the shadow slowly began to creep closer to her and her sisters. She pulled her thin clothes closer around herself as the warm air turned to a chill.  The wind began to speed up, so much that the poor trees were shaking so hard that their leaves were starting to come off. She winced as the warmth left her wings, leaving them nothing more than cold limbs.

They tried to turn, but the shadow’s powers were sucking the very magic out of them. Sparks struck clear around, but did not reach them. Amberfall watched hopelessly as something in shinning purple and black stepped through the shadow.

She narrowed her eyes in icy terror… trying not to cry…trying to show that whatever was in front of them that she was stronger. However, the object did not take full shape…Amberfall shook her head. It was still bad enough.

“Ah, little fairies, where might we be going?” the shadow asked, her cold voice ringing out of the darkened landscape like ice.

Amberfall stared down the shadow. “Nightstone,” she breathed.

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