Sharlin Craig – Ornaments of Love

Sharlin Craig, a Detroit native who now resides in southern California with her husband and daughter, is dedicated to writing inspirational children’s books that touch the spirit of her readers. A graduate of Oakland University, she’s taught music to children for several years while also writing music and lyrics. She’s combined her love for children and writing into authoring her debut children’s Christmas picture book, ‘Ornaments of Love’ and the “Ornaments of Love Coloring Book-Slowing Down with Family at Christmas Time”.

Sharlin believes that with the right surroundings and daily encouragement, children are boundless. She’s passionate about helping children feel understood and empowered through her books and hopes that her stories make them smile. She was inspired to write “Ornaments of Love” to remind herself and all families to always make the time to share treasured Christmas traditions with their children.



A touching Christmas story with glowing illustrations, Ornaments of Love is a story to cherish for years to come. A beautiful tale of Ayana, an endearing ten-year-old who excitedly anticipates that special time of year when the entire family joins together to decorate and admire the Christmas tree.

But sadly this year is different. Ayana realizes that her mom and dad are far too busy with everything else to enjoy the tree with Ayana. Then, something unexpected happens and the family is brought together with tenderness and joy.

Filled to the brim and overflowing with charming moments, gentle humor, and timeless illustrations, this beautiful story is a wonderful reminder of what’s important not only during the Christmas season, but every day of our lives. Ornaments of Love is destined to become one of your favorite holiday stories. One that will remain in your heart forever.

“Ornaments of Love Coloring Book-Slowing Down with Family at Christmas Time”

This beautifully designed coloring book is a companion or
stand-alone book to the original Ornaments of Love picture book.
It contains not only the complete story of Ornaments of Love, but also provides 21 full-size coloring pages for artists of all ages. The Ornaments of Love coloring book was created to bring families together at Christmas time. It provides families a perfect way to reduce holiday stress by spending quiet time coloring pages that showcase angels, bells, stars and much more. Coloring pages range from easy to difficult, perfect for all family members! Additional complimentary coloring pages are available to print online with the purchase of the coloring book.


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Peter Kazmaier – The Halcyon Dislocation


Dave Schuster’s day at the University of Halcyon began like any other for an engineering undergraduate. Sure he had a meeting with his uncle, but nothing prepared him for how his life and the life of everyone at the university would change for ever.

A risky physics experiment would transport the island university to a new world. Dave and his friends would be thrown into a world that would require everyone to pull together simply to survive as they tried to figure out what happened and how they might possibly get back home.

As Halcyonites worked to establish a viable colony, tyrannical forces within the university use this catastrophe to strengthen their power and control. Exploration reveals first an unexpected ally and then a terrifying enemy that plots to use the university to invade our space time. Follow the adventures of Dave and his friends as they battle the university hierarchy and alert the university to the danger that threatens.

This colonization epic is a fast paced adventure novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat but also explores fundamental subjects such as good and evil, human nature, and the role that faith can play in times of great trial.


Peter Kazmaier is an award winning author of futuristic fiction. His experience as a researcher in chemistry enables him to bring authentic scientific insight to his much beloved series, The Halcyon Cycle. He lives with his wife Kathy in Mississauga, Canada. They spend their summers at their cottage on the Rideau Canal, near Seeley’s Bay, Ontario.

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