J.S. Jaeger – The Golden Wizard

We are Jerry and Stephanie Jaeger. We’ve united as J.S. Jaeger to bring readers into the magical world of Zndaria. With our four wonderful children ranging in age from 7 to 19 as our inspiration, our goal is to provide uplifting, clean entertainment to middle-grade readers in stories that are enjoyable for all ages. We don’t skirt the tough issues, we just keep them on an age-appropriate level.

The first five books of the seven-book series, Scrolls of Zndaria, each introduce one of five unlikely heroes who must overcome their differences and work together to stop the evil spreading across Zndaria. Their intertwined stories culminate in the sixth and seventh books when their alliance is vital to the survival of Zndaria as they know it.

In the first book, The Golden Wizard, the peasant Nathanial McGray dreams of being a wizard in a world were only nobility are selected to study magic. He’s bullied and ridiculed and even his parents insist it’s a foolish dream. He must prove them wrong while overcoming trials and obstacles along the way.

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Steven Bright – CorelDRAW How: The Fundamental of CorelDRAW

I’m an Author, Graphic designer, Blogger, eBook formatter Programmer, and Blog/Website developer with expertise in Computer/Information and Communications Technology, and Engineering, with passion to impact readers.

With me, expect the best always. Just be patient and focus why you read any of my books. Enjoy my Practical and step by step guides always.



This is a teach your self manual through step by step guides with visual aids.The author Steven Bright gives you an introduction to CorelDRAW through easy to follow steps and then guide you to the advance stage of project conception and design with visual aids of the starting CorelDRAW objects and the final graphic product.


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