C. A. Ardron –  Jackal’s Gambit



Christine Ardron is 34 years old, living in Nottinghamshire, England.

She enjoys writing fantasy and scifi and very often mixes them together to create unique worlds, characters and storylines.

Christine has been writing for as long as she can remember, and though her true love is in fantasy, she delves into many facets of story-telling, including dark scifi, comedy and even the occasional horror.

Christine has also written scripts for amateur theatre companies, and has enjoyed acting and occasional directing.

When Christine doesn’t have her head in one of her many worlds, she can be found listening to her beloved power metal and offering many forms of tea to anyone who happens to pop in.



About the Book

Courin, a world trying to survive amidst an alien invasion. On the surface all seems normal, everyday life continues. Scratch the surface and you will find the Sarpiens, an evil cult that worship and do the bidding of the sclithe, an alien race bent on world domination.

Combating this dire threat are the Predgarians. They are just one of five military orders dedicated to beating back the Sarpiens and their masters. They wield magical medallions that grant them armour and increased strength and power. Unfortunately, the Sarpiens have these magical objects too.

As the story unfolds you will meet two people. Jay Morgan is a boy with no knowledge of how evil the Sarpiens are, his naivety could very well be the death of him. The other, Karen Fireirro, is trying to turn a blind eye to all that’s wrong around her. Thrust together, Karen must now turn and face her greatest fear if she is to save Jay.



Helen Picca – The Last Frontier of the Fading West


About the Author

I am Helen Picca and love the genre of historical fiction as a way to enjoy a captivating story while learning history. Inspired to write this book while vacationing in this little town on the edge of the continent, my book–about life, love and family–is set here, and gives the reader a glimpse into living in a small, rural seaside community. I moved here to write this, my first novel, to bask in the environment and embrace the history and the people that define it. Loving the isolation and the friendliness of a small town, I continue to reside in Port Orford, Oregon, with my husband and Jackson, the Wonder Dog.



“I remember it like it was yesterday—the chaos, the fear, the uncertainty. . . the first time I saw him. The immediate attraction, that queasy, sort of stomach-turning sensation that set me all aflutter. I was young—so young—naïve, isolated in a small world of safety and comfort too soon shattered by a phone call.”

About the Book

Jennifer is a young, innocent girl, happily living a carefree existence in a safe, small seaside community, when on October 5, 1942, a fateful event changes the course of her life forever. The sinking of the “Larry Doheny” by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Port Orford, Oregon, propels her into the horrors of World War II, where she meets Jack Long, a young Navy man rescued from the ship. Sensing that he is somehow different, she is drawn to him as she helps treat his wounds, relishing the chance to get to know someone from a big city—Los Angeles. But before she has the chance to learn more, he is whisked away by the Navy, and, just as unpredictably, she sets off to Portland as a Red Cross volunteer to care for the many casualties from the war in the Pacific.
Eventually, she returns home to make a life with her high school sweetheart and live happily ever after—or not. A memoir of sorts, spanning a half century, from World War II to Vietnam to Kuwait, this is Jennifer’s story of redemption—for those who bear the horrible scars of war; and of love—great love for a man, family and a town she chooses to call home, Port Orford. Isolated on the very edge of the continent, steeped in history and fraught with hardships, disasters and tragedies, it is The Last Frontier of the Fading West.



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