W. Clark Boutwell – Outland Exile

W. Clark Boutwell, although a long time resident in Alabama, was born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia. An avid solo hiker and backpacker for over fifty years, he picked up mountain climbing in his forties. He is a pediatrician-neonatologist, providing intensive care for sick newborn infants in America and abroad. Having seen the Southern Cross from Mukinge Hill, the sunset at Hale’iwa Bay from a seat on Jamieson’s porch, the midnight sun on Beaufort Sea ice, and moonrise over the Himalayas, he is finding that writing is quite an adventure.

Outland Exile, a hard-science political fiction novel, is the first book of anticipated five book series set in mid 22nd century America.


The United States has been dead for generations and the Democratic Unity killed it. The new republic, a shining example of true democracy, has inherited the continent but is satisfied to rule just the East Coast, leaving the savages and the strangely altered plants to growl over the bones of a once proud nation. With free healthcare, guaranteed employment, computer-less surfing of the nation-wide CORE and awesome rec-drugs at quite reasonable prices, the Unity mandates that workers retire at forty before fatigue and error can contaminate a society built on youth, vigor and innovation.

MALILA CHIU, middle-aged at seventeen years old, is a veteran security officer. Famous for her cunning and bravery in battle, her career prospects look rosy until Station Sunprairie goes dark—again. Pointless vandalism in the far distant Wisconsim (sic) threatens to de-rail her career and Malila does what she must to stay on top. Unfortunately, her boss thinks otherwise. Caught in her own trap, a demoted Malila faces denunciation or worse. Her one option is to fix the mess by entering the outlands in person.

The repairs are going well until, dropping from fatigue, she awakes to find her platoon murdered and a knife at her throat wielded by, JESSE JOHNSON, a detested Sisi, the Unity’s nightmare of an outlander. Immensely old, savage, brutal, and dismissive of all things civilized, Jesse seems dedicated to Malila’s humiliation. Oddly, at seventy-six years old, Jesse considers himself middle-aged, as well. Despite daunting weather, slavers, carnivorous plants, snipers, disease, and mutual disdain the two travel in early winter to the Colony. Just as Malila begins to trust Jesse, he abandons her to be interrogated by COLONEL DELAROSA while she winters over in the STEWERT’S (MOSES and SALLY) cabin, Malila meets a previously unknown type of human, ETHAN, a newborn infant, and is seduced by his smiles.

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Ann Marie Mershon – You Must Only to Love Them

Recently divorced, Ann Marie was free to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching overseas, landing in the unlikely destination of Istanbul. “You must only to love them” was a bit of ungrammatical wisdom from a young Turkish friend—advice for managing the exuberant young Turks.
Over the course of seven years, Ann Marie explored Turkey from the inside out, awed by the splendor of its artifacts and majestic terrain as well as the grace and generosity of its people. Experience her loneliness, determination, and growing affection for the Turks as she navigated their world.

This memoir is part travelogue, part adventure, and part romance— a heartfelt account of Ann Marie’s adventures as she stepped away from her secure American life to be enlightened by a new perspective on the world.

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