M. J. Goulart – Genevieve: Fashion Princess

I’m M. J. Goulart and I’ve published three books in 2016. I’m a children’s picture book author and illustrator. I live on the central coast of California with my husband, daughter, two dogs and three feisty chickens. I am passionate about strong female characters and moral driven children’s literature. I always seem to have an inspiration for a book at the most inappropriate times and end up writing story ideas on random pieces of paper and then losing said pieces of paper.



She’s spunky. She’s confident. She is Genevieve! Join Genevieve as she proves that how you feel about yourself can have BIG results and that being yourself is the key to Fab-U-Lous!

Genevieve teaches littles what true self-confidence looks like; always build each other up, instead of tearing others down. Foster acceptance, self-love and the ability to help others see the value in themselves. Being different is more than ok; it’s Fab-U-Lous! Print book includes 4 Fashion Coloring Pages. Ebook is interactive.

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Robert Zwilling –  Living in the Event Horizon of a Big Mud Hole

Ecocriticism presented as mini essays composed of sentence fragments to illustrate the fact that no one really understands how the world works. You control where your thoughts take you in a world where complex life is embedded in a microbial whirlwind loaded with genetic dander. Only in the mind do we have a majority share holder position, in our bodies we have a minority share holder position. Various inventions made to make life simpler actually keep shifting the identity of the final winner, much the same as a game of musical chairs.

Earth is the printer
Gravity is the software
Sediment is the ink
Sometimes the printouts
Have a life of their own


“What to call the writings in this volume–Expressions? Reflections? Sayings? Commentary? Editorials? Poems? (And why do I feel compelled to categorize them?) I settled on calling many of the “poems” koans because they have the same effect on you as a koan—evoking from me sometimes outright laughter. Many were absolutely delightful and I still chuckle thinking about snail toe soup. I might order this the next time I go out.” — Virginia Arthur From the website virginiaarthurauthor.com

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