Shari Sakurai – Adam



Shari Sakurai is a British author of paranormal, horror, science fiction and fantasy novels that almost always feature a LGBT protagonist and/or antagonist. She has always loved to write and it is her escape from the sometimes stressful modern life!

Aside from writing, Shari enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to (loud!) music, going to rock concerts and learning more about other societies and cultures. Japanese culture is of particular interest to her and she often incorporates Japanese themes and influences into her work.

Shari loves a challenge and has taken part and won the National Novel Writing Month challenge ten years in a row!


Adam – a companion novel to the Perfect World series

Adam Larimore is on a mission of self-destruct. After learning that he was genetically engineered for the sole purpose of inheriting his father’s empire, Adam has been determined to ruin his father’s life and in the process his own. When Ivan Williams, the man soon to become the Head of the London Security Agency (L.S.A), approaches Adam with the offer of a business partnership, Adam discovers the appalling truth behind the technological and genetic advancements that have come to shape England. His relationship with his father is at breaking point and when events take a devastating turn, Adam finds himself pushed further than perhaps he wanted to go.



Eva Pasco – An Enlightening Quiche


About the Author

Midlife restlessness prompted a retired elementary education teacher to rekindle her passion for storytelling. Eva Pasco is a multi-award winning author. She brands her Contemporary Women’s Fiction “lit with grit,” whereby flawed, feisty females over forty confront and come to terms with their drama, demons, and dilemmas along life’s precarious day-to-day journey.

A native Rhode Islander, she integrates historic landmarks, geographic entities, cherished institutions, and regional culture in the setting of her novels, as well as her non-fiction memoir collection.  Eva enjoys frequenting those seaside communities located along a rural route by the East Bay where she lives.


About the Book

Excerpt: An Enlightening Quiche

Decked in his roofer’s apparel of a quilted vest over the prevalent, plaid flannel shirt of Beauchemins’ Bolshevik brotherhood, and sporting a day-old beard, Gabe Tremont breached the boundaries of my territorial jurisdiction. Heedless of what could happen, he straddled Monique’s vacated seat up for grabs in the 1st congressional district of Chuggs’ loony ward. His thigh momentarily rubbed against mine sending electroshock waves of anticipation through me.
“Tracking down Blanche to pay back her EpiPen when I could walk without a limp, I asked where you hung your shingle. Nosing around after work, Duke obliged by narrowing down when you make your usual appearance. During the course of a few trial runs shootin’ the breeze throwing back a few beers too many on the nights you didn’t show, I convinced
Chuggs to spring for a new roof and that I’m his man for the job.”
“I’m impressed by your resourcefulness to pitch a roof and nail me down in a single effort.”