Alex Stargazer – The Necromancer

Alex Stargazer – The Necromancer

In ordinary life I’m known as Alex Bujorianu; the name being of Romanian origin, I decided to spare my readers the trouble of spelling it, and so I write pseudonymously as Alex Stargazer. I think the pseudonym quite charming—and many of my readers seem to agree.
I am currently 18; I wrote the first draft of the Necromancer at 14, and published it two years ago, at 16. On its second anniversary I decided that the book merited an update. And so you see the book that stands before you.

If you’re curious to learn more about me—including news about my upcoming new novel, the Ark, and the complexities of having lived in three countries—feel free to head over to my blog, I would appreciate a Christmas gift  ; )



In the frozen heartlands of the north, a dark force is reborn; his power is great, and his army swells with every monstrous recruit. In the Arachadian capital, Dresh, a string of mysterious kidnappings leaves the Great Mage puzzled. And in the mage academy of small town Renas, an unwitting apprentice is plunged into a quest: it will prove a fight for her life, a fight for the man she loves, and – ultimately – a fight for the future of the land.
Delve into this dark world of mystery and magic; of beings that walk the great forests and haunt the alcoves of the night. The necromancer awaits you…


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Groovy Lee – Colors In The Dark

Hi, My name is Groovy Lee

I write wholesome Kindle Romance & Romantic/Suspense. I live in the deep south with my daughter, my queen. I’m addicted to bottled tea. And my favorite time of the year is tennis season. You can look for me when the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open are airing, but you won’t find me. I’ll be in front of my 53″ television.

I have two works in progress at the moment, and they should be released early 2017. My first Romantic/Suspense novel has an element of Sci-Fi, which is a first for me; it has an evil mummy as the antagonist. I’m really excited about it. I hope my readers will be, too. Until then:

I’ve included a link to my latest Romantic/Suspense, Colors In The Dark

Please feel free to contact me and ask me questions or talk about books. I would love to hear from you.

Thank-you! And happy reading!

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