Denise Baer – Fogged Up Fairy Tale



Expat Me

Denise is a German expat, who enjoys her new home but still clings to her native Chicago. She relishes in stringing words together, creating plots and flawed characters that readers love or hate. Life experiences and travels contribute to Denise’s writing, and within every story lies a little truth about herself. She writes what she knows, but at times, dips her toes into the unfamiliar. This gives her room to venture into different genres of writings.

Her stories carry the heaviness of loss along with the desire for love. Denise’s writing style and voice is strong, reflecting realism of everyday situations seen in different genres ranging from poetry to suspense, dark, psychological thriller to romance, and more.

She is the author of a poetry eBook, SIPPING A MIX OF VERSE; a dark, psychological suspense thriller, NET SWITCH; and women’s fiction / romantic comedy adventure novel, FOGGED UP FAIRY TALE. Her latest endeavor is a crime mystery novel, ARTFUL REVENGE.

In 2014, she created her own publishing imprint, BAER BOOKS PRESS, and through it, has also produced a cookbook, LA FOLIE FORTY of forty stories and recipes; a poetry anthology, SILVER LINING – POETS AGAINST VIOLENCE with all author proceeds going to Futures Without Violence; and a short story anthology, NO BOUNDS, all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.



As one reviewer said, ““Fogged Up Fairytale” has a unique take on the “happily ever after” romance. Brand’s sarcasm is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the relationship between her and Easton seems refreshingly real.”

And another, “The plot is actually completely different to Before I Go To Sleep – whilst at first there are obvious similarities, it soon swerves off into its own very well deserved storyline… Overall, the book is pretty darn impressive. Both the past and current plot leave you wanting more.”



Amnesia. Sarcasm. Alcohol. Sex. Romance. Adventure.

Brand Rye’s life has come to a halt. She’s lost everything—even her memory. After spending time in the hospital, Brand returns home to a husband she doesn’t remember, and a life that has disappeared overnight.

As Brand learns about her life, she begins to realize that she isn’t the person she hopes to be… or is she?

Alcohol and loss are what brought Easton and Brand together. Once out of rehab, Easton offered Brand a place to stay for a price. With nothing left to lose but her sarcasm, Brand took him up on his offer, which began a whirlwind of adventure, sexual tension and their fairy tale of love.

Is Brand’s second chance too late? Or will she be able to cope with the secrets as they’re revealed?

Briony Rose Smith – Moon Girl 


Hello, My name is Briony Rose Smith. In real life, I’m a software developer but my passion is in writing. I’ve written stories for basically as long as I can remember. I live in the UK and fell down the superhero rabbit hole that led me to write my first novel Moon Girl. A book with at least 30% more dragons than your typical superhero story.



Ever since the turn of the millennium people have been developing powers. 15 years later these people have taken up masks and the age of heroes and villains has begun.
Dreda is just trying to get a job and get somewhere with her life. But it doesn’t take much to stumble upon a villain’s plan. It just took being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or in Dreda’s case, hand your application to the wrong person.
In a superhero world that isn’t all it seems, Dreda finds her way to a job she never expected. Follow Dreda’s path to becoming Moon Girl .





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C.M. Huddleston – Winter Wonder 


Eleven holiday stories from nine amazing authors! Winter Wonder brings you a confection of Christmas stories by an array of well-loved authors featuring characters drawn from their award-winning books. Eleven new stories spanning all ages from the young to the young at heart will whisk you away on a snowstorm of delight to worlds of fantasy, adventure, history, and even outer space with tales celebrating the magic of Christmas or the wonder of winter holidays. Fill your child’s holiday reading with stories of adventure, myths – both Greek and Native American, science fiction, time-travel, a lyric poem, mystery, and even a bit of romance. Eleven stories will entertain your middle-grade to teen to young-at-heart readers. We welcome you into our winter holiday wonders with stories guaranteed to entertain, illuminate, and cheer.



Billie’s Biggest Christmas Party by Katherine Ladny Mitchell
A Camp Hawthorne Christmas by Joyce McPherson
Christmas with a Legend by C.M. Huddleston
Sharing the Spotlight by D. G. Driver
How I Was Born 3,000 Years in the Past by C.M. Huddleston
The Christmas Colt by M.J. Evans
A Book of Wonders by Catherine McCarran
A Midsummer Night’s Snow by Rebecca Hammond Yager
Christmas Among the Evergreens by D. G. Driver
Eye of the Storm by Meg Trotter
Aliens and Gingerbread by Cassandra Davis

In each of these stories you may encounter your newest favorite author. We hope to entertain and to entice you to read more and more. Available in paperback and for Kindle and Nook

Multi-award-winning author C.M. Huddleston writes time-travel novels about two young teens and their encounters with history. Katherine Ladny Mitchell authors the UP People children’s picture book series. M.J. Evans’ story is based on characters from her multi-award-winning book In the Heart of a Mustang. Joyce McPherson just received her first award for the first book in her series about young teens with paranormal abilities. D. G. Driver recently won a silver medal for No One Needed to Know, on which the first of her stories is based. Her other story, for teens, features Juniper Sawfeather from her recently completed series based on Native American myths and mysticism. Catherine McCarran loves England’s history and writes about intrigue in Henry VIII’s reign. Meg Trotter adores all those old tales of mythology about the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods, so her story occurs in ancient Greece. Cassandra Davis writes science fiction, if you love Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica then you will want to read her outer space journal. Rebecca Hammond Yager won the coveted 2017 Words on Wings award for her retelling of Beauty & the Beast. Her novella “A Midsummer Night’s Snow” enraptures its readers.


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