Valerie Edwards – Lovers of Babel


About the Author

My name is Valerie Edwards. I’m an older millennial which means I have experienced two technologically different worlds and can appreciate the phenomenon of wifi as opposed to dial up Internet. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. I survived Harvey, thank God, and came out of the storm with a renewed sense of self. I was born to write, although I took a five year hiatus from fiction, I’m back and I’m more determined than ever to get my books in the hands of eager readers. My first book, Lovers of Babel (part 1 of a trilogy) was a labor of love. My first draft was probably close to 800 pages, but I had to condense it. The result is a 400 page adventure thrill ride that I know may leave readers hanging off a cliff at the end. Sorry! I had no idea that it would be over five years until book 2 would be written. I’m currently working on “Hex” book 2 of the Lovers of Babel trilogy.

I am also contemplating turning a chunk of the original book that I removed into a series extra Lovers of Babel.0 type of book. It’ll be called, “Chronicles of the Underground.”


About the Book

Part science fiction thrill ride, part futuristic epic, Lovers of Babel takes readers on a riveting journey into a new world.

Part one of this trilogy sets the scene for the future of our civilization once the world has nearly ended and less than half of the earth’s inhabitants are able to leave their underground shelter after thirty years; only to discover that nothing is the same. Readers will find out that in the future, access to time travel is kept inside a wooden box, humans can teleport to distant lands, transform into creatures, or create anything they desire out of thin air.

After the apocalypse of 2112, the world was thrust into a new age. The former earth has transformed into cosmic Equinox, where the stars hang low and the moon is always on the horizon. A fraction of mankind was able to survive the apocalypse by living underground for thirty years. Those born after the destruction of the world possess powers that defy the laws of physics and human anatomy. Sage, daughter of Equinox leader Amias Riley, is a creator who is on a dangerous mission to discover the secrets of her world. With the help of her best friends Chad and Mia, she will escape beyond the barriers of her homeland to discover the hidden wisdom that has been kept in the shadows by her very own father. Just beyond the Equinox grid is an unfamiliar place called Providencia, where Sage and Chad will face challenges that will alter their perception of the truth of their lives. In the midst of their journey, they meet the young brute, Elliott, who causes Sage to question her beliefs.



Excerpt One

I stood thinking for a while about how the portal could be used as a Stargate. Since it was wooden that means it came from a tree. Maybe the carvings were a type of dedication for the specific tree that was used to create the portal.

Suddenly, I got an idea.

I bent down and lifted up Chad’s pant leg.

“What’s going on, Sage?”

“I know you keep a spare knife in your sock. Here it is!”

“Hey, no one’s supposed to know about that!”

“Aw, what’s wrong? Did I ruin your plans to rob a bank with a single knife?”


“Keep dreamin,’ space cowboy.”

I started to cut out chunks of tree bark. I was carving a square hole into the tree to place the Portal of Antiquity.

“Finally. Okay, hand me the portal,” I said.

Chad gave me the portal and I placed it inside the tree trunk. There was a sudden quake that shook the ground. Chad and I braced ourselves on the tree. The carvings on the portal emitted the brightest blue light.

“Why does it have to be so hard to travel to the present? We got here in less than a second!” Chad yelled over the roar of the earthquake.

“We’re actually traveling to the future since this is the past. According to now, our definition of present hasn’t happened yet.”

Chad paused and blinked at me.

“Can we just go home already?”

Excerpt Two

I went to my room to get my handy backpack of objects and thought about how it proved to be extremely useful on our journey. Inside was the Book of Silent Hexes, all black with a blank cover.

I sat back down on the couch next to Elliot.

“How would you know what book this is if there is no title?” Elliott asked.
“Well, it’s the only book with a blank cover that I know of,” I answered.
I opened it and on the first page was this statement: He who attempts to hide himself from the light will be seen, but he who fears not the dark will be protected.

 The rest of the book revealed different ways to create certain hexes without being seen. The object of the book was to make it so that a person could use their power without alerting the authorities to where they were on the grid. Whenever an Equinoxian used their power, they appeared on the grid monitoring system. The only time the authorities cared when a person showed up on the grid was when it was past curfew, outside of jurisdiction, or if the power used was forbidden.

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Nancy O’Hare – Dust in My Pack 


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I am Nancy O’Hare, former finance professional intrigued by the wonders of our world so have traded in my corporate role to write a new kind of travel book. Stories and guidance focus on unique destinations, cultures and experiences.

I have always loved to travel. It lured me to a career in professional finance roles— after all, every company in every country needs accountants. Roles took me to Australia, Oman, Switzerland, Nigeria and a few other unexpected places. Living and working in such diverse regions has given me a broader perspective of different cultures and a revived respect for the people we live among.

By 2014, I craved something new. Not just another location to live and commute to another desk job, but something really different. My husband and I left our jobs, studied Spanish in Guatemala and travelled for five months through Central America and Cuba. This in itself was not unusual for us. In 2000, we took the slow road home to Canada after living and working in Australia for two years. We spent five months crossing Asia, Africa and Europe. By 2010, we needed another heavy dose of culture and spent twelve months exploring lesser-visited places across all seven continents.

Now, my husband has turned to photography and I to writing. I feel like I have started a new phase in my life which I could not have done without going through such a varied career in the corporate world. I am energized to try to make an impact by continuing to travel, to challenge myself physically, be exposed to unexpected places and share these tales with those interested in our amazing world. Readers will gain a vivid insight into what destinations are really like plus practical travel tips to plan their own journey.

Dust in My Pack is my first book, self-published in 2017.  I have since taken four months to travel from the Baltics to Brunei which will feature in my next …In My Pack book.



About the Book

Dust in My Pack is a new kind of travel book. The author, an independent traveller with a particular focus on remote, lesser-visited destinations, shares her most poignant experiences. Her stories have emerged over twenty years of living and working in five continents and travelling through more than sixty countries. Relive the essence of distant destinations through her story telling—sense the adventure, navigate random challenges and savour unexpected wonders. For those interested in travel, this book brings far-flung lands to life while providing practical guidance to help create your own personalized trip

Tales range from adrenalin-inducing exploits to awe-inspiring sites. Relive a chaotic ferry ride across Lake Malawi that stretched from twenty-four hours into sixty. Struggle with leeches and bees along mucky trails in Laos’ northern jungle during the rainy season. Encounter three enigmatic Mayan cities, and learn the stories that continue to seep through their timeless ruins. Nancy O’Hare brings these and many more tales to life.

Topics are conveniently grouped across a wide range of travel themes, including boat trips, multi-day treks, day hikes, temples and forts, ancient cities, getaway adventures, serene scenes, animal encounters and unforgettable accommodations. Within each topic, stories are further grouped by country.