Katharine Coggeshall – 101 Reasons I’d Rather Marry My Cat


About the Author


Katharine Benelli Coggeshall is a technical writer and editor living in the mountains of New Mexico. Obsessed with chocolate and her Bengal cat, Katharine enjoys a simple life.


Humorous and relatable, “101 Reasons I’d Rather Marry My Cat” is a comical book you are sure to enjoy and share. Each page lends a memorable quote that will bring a smile to your face. This is the perfect gift for a feline enthusiast.


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Tim Wolter – Theater District



Tim Wolter Beach

Tim Wolter, raised in New Orleans and now residing in Austin, is a novelist focusing on suspense and thriller stories. The fall 2017 release of Theater District introduces the reader to the first in a series of tales about the unassuming Gabe Wagner.


Local cultural arts leaders have founded and funded an underground society to shelter the homeless while insulating their patrons from solicitation by these same undesirables in the Theater District. Gabe Wagner is ensnared when a reluctant act of charity and a loused up commute leave him at the mercy of this contrived arrangement. His predicament leads him on a quest to a return of normalcy and life’s little pleasures including a big holiday weekend of family, feasting and football.