Anna Faversham – One Dark Night

“Hello, I’m Anna Faversham and I wish you all an entertaining countdown to Christmas.

England is my home but I’ve also lived in New Zealand, a beautiful country and the people are great, and central Africa which was an interesting and useful experience that I’ll never forget.
On returning to England, I’ve written and read for the BBC and published short stories as well as three novels. Two are set in my county of Kent and the latest is set in the beautiful Isle of Wight.

The book I’d like to introduce to you is a historical thriller with a lovely romance threading through it. It is called ‘One Dark Night’. When I was a teenager and had that horrible thing called homework to do, on sunny evenings I would take my books to a cliff that jutted out over the sea and if I climbed over the wall and into the long grass, I could see but couldn’t be seen. I have incorporated this memory into my book about smuggling and those who sought to stop them. I have set Watch House, the headquarters of the Revenue Men, on my secret sanctuary.



It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. Lucy Yorton, dragged away from her privileged early life, finds it impossible to know who to trust, while those around her suspect she is a spy and treat her accordingly. Her problems increase when two men enter her life.

Lieutenant Karl Thorsen, sworn to avenge the death of his father, is a King’s man. He is determined to stop the violent smugglers, hang them, and hang and gibbet one in particular.

Daniel Tynton has smuggling in his blood. Undaunted by Thorsen’s threats, he is respected and feared. When he witnesses a murder, he makes a bold decision, and many lives will never be the same.


Merry Christmas everyone and a happy and healthy new year.

Anna Faversham”

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Leo Buijs – Children Around the World

Come face to face with some of the cutest children around the world with this collection of photographs by award winning retired entrepreneur and writer, Leo Buijs. He has dug through thousands of photographs from his extensive travels to put a handsome book together that show how children live around the world and seem to be quite happy. For the not so lucky children,10% of the sales from this book go to UNICEF to support children around the world.

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