R.L Jackson – Crashing Into Me



Remember the guy in high school, who was so cocky, you wanted to throat punch him? Yeah, it’s the same thought Lana Mckenzie had when she met Kayden Capshaw, the handsome and reckless man she can’t seem to shake. When they end up stuck together during a snowstorm, the ice slowly melts between them. Will they be able to forget the past and move forward, or like the snow, will it all melt away?


About the Author

RL Jackson is the author of the Crashing series, lives in South Florida and is a self-proclaimed Pistachio-holic. Look for Book 2 “Crashing Into Us”, as well as the first book in her new series, “Beyond the Dome”.







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Ben Jackson – The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up The Chimney 


About the Book

Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart are back again! This time they have a new friend, Santa Clause! The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up The Chimney is book 3 in the Timmy & The Little Fart Series!

If you and your child love to read together, then you are going to love reading along with Timmy, the Little Fart, and Santa Clause as they have another fantastic adventure.

The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up The Chimney is a beautifully illustrated journey of Timmy’s best friend the Little Fart and Santa Clause as they help deliver presents and spread happiness and joy. There’s always plenty of laughter and giggles as the Little Fart attempts to help the only way he knows how.

If you enjoy reading funny books with beautiful illustrations and love having your child read along with you, then make sure you grab The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up The Chimney!


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Ben Jackson lives in Tasmania, Australia. While working during the week, he also writes of a night as a Freelance Writer and Indie Author. Ben is in a Long-Distance Relationship with his wife Sam Lawrence, who lives in Canada. Sam works as a full-time formatting professional, publisher, and author. Together they own and manage Indie Publishing Group.

Ben is most well-known for his children’s book series, Timmy & The Little Fart Series. Be sure to check out all his books. There is something there for everyone!

As Indie Authors, Ben and Sam rely on our valuable customers to write a review, if you could spare just a minute to leave a review of one of our books, we would greatly appreciate it.

Ben has numerous children’s books in progress, so stay tuned for more books on the way!



Prakash Vir Sharma –  Mindset And Passion – The Psychology Of Success



Born in a remote village of India on 31st August,1973, I did graduation in Science and Education. After that, I completed my post graduation in Management and Economics.

I started working for newspapers as a freelancer in early 1990 when I was pursuing my graduation. Starting from Hindi weekly ”Shrambheri”, I continued to display my skills in the form of articles, poems and stories in various newspapers and magazines. I am best known for my impartial analysis on political, social and religious issues. I am a passionate social thinker. My co-authored books “Pratibimb” and “Mahakte Panne” were published by a vanity publisher here in India.

My first short story book on social issues, ” Kathputli”, was self-published in March 2017, and was in news for more than two months right from social media to print media because of my great sense of humor.

In May’17, I participated in StorytellerUK2017 contest with my second book “Life in Shackles “which stood first on the basis of average customer reviews. This book made global presence with the reader base from UK to USA and France to India.

I have released my 3rd self-published book “Mindset And Passion – The Psychology Of Success” on 26th October’17. This book is in top 10 of Amazon India’s “PenToPublish” contest and stayed at 9th rank in category & overall 250 – 300 rank for a week after release.

At present, with 24 years of technical experience in steel industry, I am working at a senior management position in Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd (India). Although a native of Moradabad (India), currently I reside in Kolkata.


About the Book

Mindset And Passion – The Psychology Of Success” is a self-help book which is helpful in personal development. It is helpful for parents, guardians, students, self-employed, professionals, businessmen, servicemen, farmers and everyone who face hurdles in day to day life. This book is useful for those who read so many books, listened to many motivational speakers, watched many inspirational movies but couldn’t feel anything good about life. With the help of its 3D approach “PPM”, you will be able to handle your negativity, you can set your goals more comfortably, you can improve your habits and achieve the desired results in every field of your choice. This book contains live examples, illustrations, exercises and success stories.
A good cocktail of Psychology, Philosophy, Management and Spirituality and a healthy diet for brain!

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