Chrys Cymri – The Temptation of Dragons 


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Priest by day, writer at odd times of the day and night, I live with a small green parrot called Tilly because the upkeep for a dragon is beyond my current budget. Plus I’m responsible for making good any flame damage to church property. I love ‘Doctor Who’, landscape photography, single malt whisky, and my job, in no particular order. When I’m not looking after a small parish church in the Midlands (England) I like to go on far flung adventures to places like Peru, New Zealand, the Arctic, and North Korea.


The Temptation of Dragons (Penny White # 1)


Bishop Nigel smiled at me. ‘Holy water doesn’t harm vampires. Which is just as well, as it would make it impossible to baptise them.’ 
When I was asked by a dragon to give him the last rites, I never dreamed it would lead to negotiating with his cannibalistic family or running from snail sharks. Life as the priest of a small English village is quite tame in comparison. At least I have Morey, a gryphon with sarcasm management issues, to help me. And if all else fails, there’s always red wine and single malt whisky.

As if my life weren’t complicated enough, a darkly beautiful dragon named Raven keeps appearing where I least expect him, I’ve met a handsome police inspector who loves science fiction as much as I do, and my younger brother is getting into trouble for trying to pick up vampires.

That’s what happens when you’re dealing with an incredible and dangerous parallel world full of mythical creatures. And I have to learn to navigate it all without losing myself, or my brother…


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Theodore Jerome Cohen – Pepe Builds a Nest 



Book One in the Stories for the Early Years series (K-3)


Pepe, the penguin, needs to build a nest for Miss Amber and himself.

But Otto, the bully, keeps stealing his stones.

See how Pepe and others solve the problem,

finally bringing Pepe and Otto together as friends.



It’s been five years since Dr. Theodore J. (Ted) Cohen first stepped into the 2nd grade class of a Newtown, PA, grade school and talked about his adventures in Antarctica more than five decades earlier. But time had not dulled his memories of the hours he spent on the islands off the coast of the North Antarctic Peninsula performing geological surveys in support of a graduate student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During their breaks, it was not unusual for the two men to sit on the side of one of the many penguin rookeries that could be found in the area, there to watch the comings and goings of the birds and the mischief they got into. At the heart of most of their “arguments” was the theft of stones from one another’s nests! Tales of the fights that broke out never fail to amuse the children in Ted’s classroom audiences, and so, he decided to capture these events in his new children’s book, Pepe Builds a Nest.


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“I wanted the book to be something more than just an amusing tale about what happens when one penguin steals another’s nest stones,” said Cohen. “So, in the book, the one doing the stealing is a bully. And its Pepe and his friends who eventually must stand up to him. But they do it in a way that brings Pepe and the bully together as friends. It’s a good lesson for children to learn about how to resolve problems like this.”


Pepe Builds a Next is the first of three books in Cohen’s Stories for the Early Years; the other two books in the series are Rufus Finds a Home (deals with empathy) and Fuzzy Wuzzy (about listening to Mama!).


The English editions of all three books (paperback and Kindle) are in verse. Paperback editions of Pepe Builds a Nest also are available are in Spanish and French.


Here is the Webpage for Pepe Builds a Nest, which includes reviews, videos, and links to instructional materials that can be used by teachers, parents and homeschoolers.


Importantly, Pepe Builds a Nest won:

First Place in Pacific Book Review’s 2017 Annual Book Competition, “Best Children’s Illustrated”

Bronze Medal Winner, 2017 Reader’s Favorite Book Competition, “Children – Animals”

Star Review, Pacific Book Review, 2017, awarded for “Excellent Merit”

5-STARS, Reader Favorite Book Review





Theodore Jerome Cohen, PhD, is an award-winning author who has published more than ten novels, all but one of them mystery/thrillers, two short-story anthologies, and a series of children’s books, Stories for the Early Years. He also writes Young Adult (YA) novels under the pen name “Alyssa Devine.” During the course of his 45-year career he has worked as an engineer, scientist, CBS Radio Station News Service (RSNS) commentator, investor, private investigator, and Antarctic explorer. From December 1961 through early March 1962, he participated in the 16th Chilean Expedition to the Antarctic. The U.S. Board of Geographic Names in October, 1964, named the geographical feature Cohen Islands, located at 63° 18′ S. latitude, 57° 53′ W. longitude, in the Cape Legoupil area, Antarctica, in his honor. What he’s been able to do with his background is mix fiction with reality in ways that even his family and friends have been unable to unravel!