Hi everyone, I’m so excited to be able to announce that the second book of Cecily Wolfe’s Cliff Walk Courtships series is released today. Take a look at these gorgeous teasers, and then go grab yourself a copy!



Crown of Beauty, Cliff Walk Courtships, Book Two


Catherine has everything she needs and all of what she wants. Or does she? Raised in opulence in New York City and the beautiful shores of Newport, Rhode Island, she has never wanted for anything, but when her parents begin to pressure her about marriage, she insists that she doesn’t want one arranged for her. She would much rather stay home and read than socialize or, worse, select a husband who might not approve of her reading habit. Her father insists that she spend time helping at her brother’s homeless shelter to understand how privileged she is, and her wariness of love and marriage is tempered when a mysterious young man with intense blue eyes is brought, cold and wet, to the shelter doorstep one night.


Will wakes up in a strange room with vague memories of being caught in a thunderstorm as he began to search for shelter for the night after making his way to Newport from New York City. A beautiful girl sits beside him, but she leaves his care to another in what he assumes is shyness. The shelter offers assistance in ways he could only dream of, and as he searches for work and a home of his own, he finds himself drawn to the girl who ran from him when he first woke up. The two are drawn to each other, sneaking glances in spite of her brother’s disapproval, but Will’s secrets will test the love that grows between them.


Book two of the Cliff Walk Courtships series features Arthur’s sister Catherine in her own discovery of faith, love, and hope against the backdrop of gorgeous turn of the century Newport, Rhode Island.