Indie Advent Calendar

Indie Advent Calendar

Welcome to Indie Advent Calendar.

There’s always that one person we struggle to buy a gift for, sometimes we aren’t even sure what we want ourselves!

From the 1st – 24th of December I’m going to be introducing two independently published books to you, as well as sharing a bit about the authors. With a range of different genres being featured there’s bound to be something for everyone, even the most awkward to buy for family member. There are so many hidden gems out there, just waiting to be discovered- you may even find your new favourite author…

There is also a draw on Facebook to win one of the featured books and you can vote for which you’d like to see as part of a video review in the new year.

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25th- Will Hartzell-Baird and W. T. Fallon

Will Hartzell-Baird – The Taste of Cashews

I’m Will Hartzell-Baird, an indie author from Indianapolis. I write sci-fi comedies in the same vein as Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett. My second novel, the Taste of Cashews, came out in mid-2015, and tells the story of a man on the run from an authoritarian government.



Wesley Harden was an ordinary history teacher, until he was accused of leading a rebellion that doesn’t exist and stealing a weapon that no one understands. Now, if he wants to survive, he’ll have to outrun a devious bounty hunter, a tyrannical Empire, and a local dictator who, on the whole, would rather have been an accountant. But along the way, Wes just might learn that some things are more important than surviving. And, while he’s at it, he might even prevent a cashew-flavored apocalypse.


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W. T. Fallon – Fail to the Chief

W. T. Fallon believes if you can’t say something nice, you should say something funny and totally true. She has few marketable skills, but is highly talented in the areas of sarcasm, satire, and snark. For the past several years, she has written for the local Gridiron Show, and this year she started a blog called Sharable Sarcasm. The 2016 election provided so many opportunities for humor that she decided to write her first novel, a political satire called Fail to the Chief, which will be released in September. She was recently published on The Satirist, and has been writing for Humor Outcasts since September of 2016.
Fallon drew on her extensive experience at being underemployed, unemployable, and dealing with compulsive liars when she wrote Fail to the Chief, a book about politicians competing in the ultimate reality show. She wrote it in a month after getting fired from the only job she’d ever had that paid like she was the two-time college graduate she is and not a kindergarten dropout. Paying too much for a college diploma that loses value every day—only to be underemployed in multiple retail jobs—was just one of the many issues she wanted to address in her first book. Because she believes if you can’t say something nice, you should say something sarcastic and totally on point, she dedicated herself to writing a comedy about the world’s biggest circus, er, caucus, otherwise known as the presidential election.



After years of emceeing insipid singing competitions, TV personality Bryan Seafoam can’t wait to host “American President,” the world’s first reality show to elect a president of the United States. Finally, an opportunity to be a real journalist, digging up dirt and playing hardball with the top ten candidates.
But it doesn’t take long for the contestants to start slinging mud at Bryan – literally, when billionaire candidate Ronald Chump is challenged to dig his proposed moat along the Mexican-American border himself. Forced to work in a fast food restaurant, an anti-minimum-wage-hike candidate learns his coworkers are struggling to survive with multiple jobs and claims to have solved the unemployment problem in his state-leaving Bryan to duck ketchup bombs from customers. To make matters worse, Bryan’s producer pressures him to be nicer to the candidates, and his former crush, now an experienced political correspondent, shows up-and shows him up at every turn.
When a cheating scandal rocks the show, Bryan begins to suspect it’s just the tip of a very underhanded iceberg. Will trying to expose a plot to wreck the most hysterical, er, historic election in history cost Bryan his career-and his personal life?

Bryan tapped the tablet again. “Here are the suggestions. Number one comes from Avery L. on Facebook, and it says, and I quote, ‘We spent almost ten million in taxpayer money last year for upkeep on the White House, including half a million on flowers alone, and almost three million on annual holiday decorations. Is all that really necessary? I mean, how many flowers do you really need in a ginormous mansion? Couldn’t you cut that spending down to five million?’”
“That sounds like the fiscally responsible thing to do.” Morganstern straightened his tie and turned to face the nearest camera. “When I was the head of Cheatham Bank, the largest banking group in the country, we didn’t waste money on unimportant things like decorations, or paid vacations for employees. I even limited the amount of money we spent on toilet paper each month. If the employees ran out, they just had to find another solution.”
“Actually, according to an exposé into your inhumane HR practices, it just caused them to use more expensive printer paper for, ah, alternative purposes.” Haverty stepped between Morganstern and the camera. “I understand some also used the widely-distributed company newsletter with your picture on every cover.”
“Yes, and I installed security cameras to catch every employee who took that newsletter to the bathroom, and I fired every last one of them.”
“Perhaps now would be a good time to hear your plan for job creation,” Haverty shot back.
Bob Fuller stopped twisting his hemp necklace around his fingers long enough to groan. “I hope you at least printed that newsletter on recycled paper.”
Morganstern made a sound that was somewhere between a grunt and a chuckle. “Hmmph. Of course not, recycled paper costs twice as much, and it’s used.”


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24th- Anna Chant and Adam R. Mathews

Anna Chant – Kenneth’s Queen

My name is Anna Chant and I am the author of a series of historical fiction novels called ‘Women of the Dark Ages’. They are stand alone novels that can be read in any order. The first is ‘Kenneth’s Queen’ which takes place in ninth century Scotland and follows the rise to power of Kenneth Mac Alpin from the point of view of the unknown woman who must have been at his side. I love the Dark Ages, a fabulous period where history and mythology collide and am particularly fascinated by the part played by the often uncelebrated and unrecorded women who lived through these tumultuous times. My ambition is to tell the story of as many as possible!



She was present at the birth of a nation.
Her descendants sit on the British throne to this day.
But history does not even record her name…

In ninth century Britain, the Picts and the Gaels are fighting for supremacy over the North. In one of their rare truces Baena, a young Pict woman is reluctantly married to a Gael warrior, son of one of the great Chiefs of Dal Riata.

Leaving behind her family and the Pict lord she had hoped to marry she travels west to the household of Alpin, where she is viewed with suspicion by many of her new kin. As the truce collapses the indifference of her husband leaves her position in her new land increasingly vulnerable, as war breaks out once again. Forced to forget her Pict heritage, she fears the day when she will have to make an agonising choice between the victory of her husband or her father.

Her journey will take her from the splendours of the Fortress of Dunadd to the tranquillity of the sacred Isle of Iona, where even greater danger lurks as the terrifying Norsemen plan their own attacks. However it seems her hardest battle will be to win the heart of her husband, the brave, cunning and often ruthless Cinaed as he fights his way towards a destiny that could be greater than anyone imagines…

The man known to history as Kenneth Mac Alpin.


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Adam R. Mathews – Pap: A 21st Century Dystopia

Published in March 2016 by Arena Books of Bury St Edmonds, Pap is an 87,000-word dystopia set in the near future, which uses an all-encompassing corporation, PapCorp, to critique today’s society. The story contrasts the modernity of PapCorp’s home city of Manchester, with its Bio-domes and PapDrive Augmented Reality, against the poverty and desolation which has engulfed southern Spain. The plot’s two distinct threads, the celebrity Humbolts and the refugee Talavera family, are knitted together at PapCorp’s quite visible hand, leading (almost) everyone to question their hyper-normalised reality.

Adam R. Mathews is an author, editor, translator and teacher from the Black Country, who has taken the long way round in getting to Madrid, where he currently resides. When he’s not writing his dystopian novels, he edits the translations for a world-renowned orchestra and pens critical articles and speeches. At other times he can be found centre managing summer schools, giving public talks on economic, environmental and social issues, or riding his bike around the streets of some European city. Having spent much of his adult life living outside his native England, Adam has become involved in popular movements across Europe which have helped him develop the perspective that inspires his work. You can see more about him on his website.

23rd- M. J. Goulart and Robert Zwilling

M. J. Goulart – Genevieve: Fashion Princess

I’m M. J. Goulart and I’ve published three books in 2016. I’m a children’s picture book author and illustrator. I live on the central coast of California with my husband, daughter, two dogs and three feisty chickens. I am passionate about strong female characters and moral driven children’s literature. I always seem to have an inspiration for a book at the most inappropriate times and end up writing story ideas on random pieces of paper and then losing said pieces of paper.



She’s spunky. She’s confident. She is Genevieve! Join Genevieve as she proves that how you feel about yourself can have BIG results and that being yourself is the key to Fab-U-Lous!

Genevieve teaches littles what true self-confidence looks like; always build each other up, instead of tearing others down. Foster acceptance, self-love and the ability to help others see the value in themselves. Being different is more than ok; it’s Fab-U-Lous! Print book includes 4 Fashion Coloring Pages. Ebook is interactive.

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Robert Zwilling –  Living in the Event Horizon of a Big Mud Hole

Ecocriticism presented as mini essays composed of sentence fragments to illustrate the fact that no one really understands how the world works. You control where your thoughts take you in a world where complex life is embedded in a microbial whirlwind loaded with genetic dander. Only in the mind do we have a majority share holder position, in our bodies we have a minority share holder position. Various inventions made to make life simpler actually keep shifting the identity of the final winner, much the same as a game of musical chairs.

Earth is the printer
Gravity is the software
Sediment is the ink
Sometimes the printouts
Have a life of their own


“What to call the writings in this volume–Expressions? Reflections? Sayings? Commentary? Editorials? Poems? (And why do I feel compelled to categorize them?) I settled on calling many of the “poems” koans because they have the same effect on you as a koan—evoking from me sometimes outright laughter. Many were absolutely delightful and I still chuckle thinking about snail toe soup. I might order this the next time I go out.” — Virginia Arthur From the website

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22nd- W. Clark Boutwell and Ann Marie Mershon

W. Clark Boutwell – Outland Exile

W. Clark Boutwell, although a long time resident in Alabama, was born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia. An avid solo hiker and backpacker for over fifty years, he picked up mountain climbing in his forties. He is a pediatrician-neonatologist, providing intensive care for sick newborn infants in America and abroad. Having seen the Southern Cross from Mukinge Hill, the sunset at Hale’iwa Bay from a seat on Jamieson’s porch, the midnight sun on Beaufort Sea ice, and moonrise over the Himalayas, he is finding that writing is quite an adventure.

Outland Exile, a hard-science political fiction novel, is the first book of anticipated five book series set in mid 22nd century America.


The United States has been dead for generations and the Democratic Unity killed it. The new republic, a shining example of true democracy, has inherited the continent but is satisfied to rule just the East Coast, leaving the savages and the strangely altered plants to growl over the bones of a once proud nation. With free healthcare, guaranteed employment, computer-less surfing of the nation-wide CORE and awesome rec-drugs at quite reasonable prices, the Unity mandates that workers retire at forty before fatigue and error can contaminate a society built on youth, vigor and innovation.

MALILA CHIU, middle-aged at seventeen years old, is a veteran security officer. Famous for her cunning and bravery in battle, her career prospects look rosy until Station Sunprairie goes dark—again. Pointless vandalism in the far distant Wisconsim (sic) threatens to de-rail her career and Malila does what she must to stay on top. Unfortunately, her boss thinks otherwise. Caught in her own trap, a demoted Malila faces denunciation or worse. Her one option is to fix the mess by entering the outlands in person.

The repairs are going well until, dropping from fatigue, she awakes to find her platoon murdered and a knife at her throat wielded by, JESSE JOHNSON, a detested Sisi, the Unity’s nightmare of an outlander. Immensely old, savage, brutal, and dismissive of all things civilized, Jesse seems dedicated to Malila’s humiliation. Oddly, at seventy-six years old, Jesse considers himself middle-aged, as well. Despite daunting weather, slavers, carnivorous plants, snipers, disease, and mutual disdain the two travel in early winter to the Colony. Just as Malila begins to trust Jesse, he abandons her to be interrogated by COLONEL DELAROSA while she winters over in the STEWERT’S (MOSES and SALLY) cabin, Malila meets a previously unknown type of human, ETHAN, a newborn infant, and is seduced by his smiles.

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Ann Marie Mershon – You Must Only to Love Them

Recently divorced, Ann Marie was free to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching overseas, landing in the unlikely destination of Istanbul. “You must only to love them” was a bit of ungrammatical wisdom from a young Turkish friend—advice for managing the exuberant young Turks.
Over the course of seven years, Ann Marie explored Turkey from the inside out, awed by the splendor of its artifacts and majestic terrain as well as the grace and generosity of its people. Experience her loneliness, determination, and growing affection for the Turks as she navigated their world.

This memoir is part travelogue, part adventure, and part romance— a heartfelt account of Ann Marie’s adventures as she stepped away from her secure American life to be enlightened by a new perspective on the world.

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21st- Christopher C. Meeker and Vicki Tashman

Christopher C. Meeker – HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand

Christopher C. Meeker – HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand


In true pulp fiction form, HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand is the story of young Edgar J. Hawthorne who sets out on a journey to the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa in 1835 after reading of an incredible discovery in the Edinburgh Journal of Science, submitted by close family friend John Herschel.
Traveling with the Royal Air Brigade on the Stratos, England’s newest and most advanced airship, pride of the British fleet, Edgar and the crew are caught unaware and attacked in the early hours of dawn by a flotilla of marauding airships. Outnumbered the Stratos is forced down into the deep jungles of Africa.
With the Stratos crippled and in need of repair Edgar, along with the first officer and a portion of the crew, set out to locate provisions. What Edgar discovers in the jungle, however, convinces him there are other forces involved in the downing of the Stratos. In the attempt to discover the truth behind the attack, Edgar unearths an unbelievable and far-reaching secret.
Finding himself caught up in a conflict that has raged for centuries, Edgar is thrust into a world of which only a handful are aware. With the aid of a mysterious girl and an unlikely ally, Edgar must do the impossible: protect the future of all mankind.


Christopher C. Meeker is a writer, husband, and father of three based in beautiful Central New York where he enjoys the experiences of each new season, especially fall and winter.
Christopher began writing at an early age and was heavily influenced by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jules Verne. Later he became drawn to the works of authors such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.

It is easy to see the influence these great writers had on Christopher as it is well-reflected in his writing, especially his latest book ‘HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand – Mystirio Astronomiki’ which is currently available in both electronic and paperback editions on AmazonBarnes&Noble, the Hawthorne books website, and other online retailers.

Vicki Tashman – Buzzy and Thomas Move into the President’s House

Inspiration struck Vicki Tashman 4 years ago when her daughter graduated from college and moved back home with 2 cats in tow. She imagined the cats belonging to Cleopatra and, wow, the stories they could tell! After researching many people in history, she settled on writing her first book about Thomas Jefferson and his dog, Buzzy. Other books in the works are about Queen Victoria and her dog, Dash, the Wright Brothers and their dog, Flyer and Benjamin Franklin and his squirrel, Mungo.

Vicki has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado. She is a breast cancer survivor and has been an advocate for 10 years. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles (CBW-LA) and the Publisher’s Association of Los Angeles (PALA). She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their 2 golden retrievers, Ricky and Georgia.



It’s 1801 and life is good for Buzzy, or so she thinks. Buzzy lives with Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, but her life turns upside down when Thomas tells her that they’re moving to the President’s House. Buzzy doesn’t want to move. What will she do? This enjoyable early chapter reader for ages 4 – 8 teaches kids about President Jefferson, the new breed of dog he brought home from France and confronting issues about moving.

Stay tuned to future Historical Tails adventures!


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20th- J.S. Jaeger and Steven Bright

J.S. Jaeger – The Golden Wizard

We are Jerry and Stephanie Jaeger. We’ve united as J.S. Jaeger to bring readers into the magical world of Zndaria. With our four wonderful children ranging in age from 7 to 19 as our inspiration, our goal is to provide uplifting, clean entertainment to middle-grade readers in stories that are enjoyable for all ages. We don’t skirt the tough issues, we just keep them on an age-appropriate level.

The first five books of the seven-book series, Scrolls of Zndaria, each introduce one of five unlikely heroes who must overcome their differences and work together to stop the evil spreading across Zndaria. Their intertwined stories culminate in the sixth and seventh books when their alliance is vital to the survival of Zndaria as they know it.

In the first book, The Golden Wizard, the peasant Nathanial McGray dreams of being a wizard in a world were only nobility are selected to study magic. He’s bullied and ridiculed and even his parents insist it’s a foolish dream. He must prove them wrong while overcoming trials and obstacles along the way.

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Steven Bright – CorelDRAW How: The Fundamental of CorelDRAW

I’m an Author, Graphic designer, Blogger, eBook formatter Programmer, and Blog/Website developer with expertise in Computer/Information and Communications Technology, and Engineering, with passion to impact readers.

With me, expect the best always. Just be patient and focus why you read any of my books. Enjoy my Practical and step by step guides always.



This is a teach your self manual through step by step guides with visual aids.The author Steven Bright gives you an introduction to CorelDRAW through easy to follow steps and then guide you to the advance stage of project conception and design with visual aids of the starting CorelDRAW objects and the final graphic product.


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