Hi guys, today I have the honour of interviewing a breakout author with an incredible imagination and an intriguing new world you’ll be dying to visit! A huge welcome to C. A. Ardron.


Hi Christine! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, Kay, and to everyone reading this.1026165_578921002131211_844428394_o

Ok, a bit about myself. I’m 33 and live in the UK. Been writing on and off for a good ten years but Predgarians is my first published work. When I’m not writing or editing you’ll find me drinking all sorts of different tea, listening to metal and playing the odd computer game.

I also have a tiny cat. He’s half-munchkin so is the smallest cat in the area. When he was a tiny kitten he was too little for his claws so we called him Logan. (He never did grow into them either.)


Why did you decide to become an author?

You can thank my brother for that, I think. When I was a child I loved reading (not that I don’t now, of course.) I loved fantasy, my earliest memory of books I enjoyed were the Chronicles of Narnia. Also the Hobbit, anything by David Eddings and one of my personal favourites, Spellfire by Ed Greenwood, a Forgotten Realms tale.

My brother shared my love of fantasy as well reading scifi and horror. He was continuously writing stories and this encouraged me to try it too. Taking that step really opened my eyes, reading is great, but being able to step into my own worlds filled me with an indescribable joy.



You have an incredible amount of bonus material for your upcoming series on your website, how long have you spent on your worldbuilding? Give us your top Predgarians fact.

Predgarians has been in the making for years. I started writing the first draft of Jackal’s Gambit when I was 18, wow, guess that makes it about 15 years now. The concept for Predgarians has evolved over time, but it first entered my head when I was mid-teens.

A Predgarians fact, ey? Okay, here’s one for you, Predgarians ended up as scifi/fantasy but it began as classic fantasy. It was originally about five people thrown together and given magical talismans to fight against a dark order. Fifteen years later there are five Orders instead of five people, giant reptiles, magic and science and an alien invasion…go figure.

Interestingly, those five original characters are mentioned on occasion – as the founders of the Orders.


What do you most enjoy writing? Are there any parts of the process or types of scene you find tricky?

I love fantasy, and I do intend to let loose some straight fantasy adventures into the world. I enjoy writing dialogue, I’ve had to work hard on my description. I’ve improved a lot over the last five or so years – I think my description is acceptable now, before I used to cringe at it sometimes.



Tell us about some of your favourite books.

Well, I’ve already told you some. Big fan of the Wheel of Time series, the animal based novels by William Horwood. I’ve read so much fantasy over the years, I can’t remember the titles or authors. I remember the name Katherine Kerr, I think. Some manner of dragon series with druidism and reincarnation. Actually, it inspired me to write a fantasy novel using her unique style of splitting times – look out for it over the next few years, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


What does a typical writing session look like for you? Do you have any routines to help you get in the zone?

Not really, I probably should have. I try to get any distractions out the way before I start, stuff like breakfast, washing the pots, that kind of thing. I’m one of those annoying people that need near enough complete silence to work – I get distracted so easily. Seriously, someone walking past me can distract me.




What I do have is a story and chapter-by-chapter synopsis of whatever I’m writing. That way, when I do begin to write I can plunge straight in, knowing exactly what my next scene is – no staring at a blank page for half the morning.


What do you think makes a great character?

Well, there are many, many types of characters, and they all have their plus points. Personally though, I think it helps if their likable, relatable. A few flaws maybe, showcasing their humanness. Something they’re working towards you can really get behind. Something they’re doing that makes you want to travel by their side, egging them on, holding your breath when it gets rocky, praying they’ll succeed, come through it in one piece.


Do you have any plans to branch into other genres, or are you a crazed fantasy addict like me?

I do like fantasy. It’s a little strange, growing up that’s what it was all about for me, wanting to join the ranks of those awesome fantasy authors who inspired my own imagination. Cut to present day…I’m writing scifi/fantasy – and loving it.

I have many ideas for straight fantasy, but honestly, I believe my greatest work occurs when I merge fantasy with a different genre.



If you woke up in a fantasy land, what race would you be? What powers would you have?

Human-elf hybrid: Battlemage. Too quick an answer? I swear I haven’t thought about this before. Yeah, ok, I have. I’ve always loved the idea of a battlemage, or spellsword as they’re sometimes called. Everyone has different ideas of what that would look like but mine is clad in leather armour, wielding a runed short sword as well as a smattering of spells.


Tell us all about your upcoming release!

Dangerous request!Jackals Gambit Website cover

You realise I can talk about this for hours? I’ll try to be brief.┬áSo Predgarians: Jackal’s Gambit as I’ve mentioned, is scifi/fantasy. It takes place on a world called Courin which is fairly similar to earth but in some ways completely different.

It follows the story of Jay Morgan and Karen Fireirro as they become involved with the dangerous Sarpiens, servants of the sclithe, an alien race bent on world domination.

Sounds too scifi? Enter the Predgarians, an Order dedicated to protecting the world from this threat, oh, and they have magical medallions. Hopefully that’ll whet your appetite.

My writing style is fast-paced and action-packed. You pick up a Predgarians book I doubt you’ll find yourself bored.



What interview question do you wish someone would ask you?

Courtesy of my best friend, (because I couldn’t think of anything,) how did you come up with the name, Predgarians?


Answer it!

Predgarians is one of the first ever fantasy-esque names I came up with as a child. Because of that, it’s always held a special place in my heart. I’ve had several stories over the years with this word in it, but I’ve always been adamant that one day I would produce a story, publish a story, and Predgarians would be there. You could say that the Predgarians have been my faithful traveling companions for many years.



Christine Ardron is 33 years old, living in Nottinghamshire, England.

She enjoys writing fantasy and scifi and very often mixes them together to create unique worlds, characters and storylines.

Christine has been writing for as long as she can remember, and though her true love is in fantasy, she delves into many facets of story-telling, including dark scifi, comedy and even the occasional horror.

Christine has also written scripts for amateur theatre companies, and has enjoyed acting and occasional directing. She also enjoys creating dark, philosophical poetry.

When Christine doesn’t have her head in one of her many worlds, she can be found listening to her beloved power metal and offering many forms of tea to anyone who happens to pop in.


It’s been awesome to have you, Christine, thanks for joining us!


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