Today I’m excited to introduce a man of many talents- Justin Bienvenue writes horror, thrillers and poetry. He even runs a couple of blogs too.

Hi Justin! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a friendly and outgoing least I like to think so. I live in Massachusetts where when I’m not writing I work at Gillette Stadium doing security. I didn’t believe in all touch phones until I had to finally upgrade to one (ugh!) I love sports and am a big football fan so my hobbies involve watching sports, playing them when I get the chance as well as learning up on History, Egyptology and UFOlogy, I love the strange and unexplained. I enjoy learning about new things and when I’m not doing that or doing anything else I am usually finding a way to promote and market my beloved books. I don’t drive and it’s my own personal decision and I get around by walking but am waiting for flying cars. I am pretty down to earth and I feel writing is a part of who I am not just what I do.





Have you always wanted to write books? What made you start?

I haven’t always wanted to write but I’ll say what I ended the last question with, writing is a part of who I am not just what I do. I first started writing books back in 2011 with my first book The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. After failing at 4 of 5 goals I wanted to reach for myself I decided to try the fifth..write a book. It seemed like an odd goal given the first four but to be honest I thought the first four were easy and this would be a long reached became my number one and only I accomplished. I had always enjoyed writing as I wrote poems for fun and had written stories so I decided to try and do the one thing I enjoyed that I never thought I could go anywhere with and behold I am now six years in and still loving every bit of writing and writing books.

What is your favourite poem ever?

Hmm..I’d say The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe not to be cliche and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The Raven is a classic and who doesn’t love it? Also I like The Road Not Taken because not only is it a beautifully written poem but I take it as a metaphor for life and I am one who will always take the road less traveled because I don’t like to be like everyone else.

What are your favourite genres to read and write?

I enjoy reading and writing Horror, Poetry, Westerns, and an occasional crime novel. I have also recently started to enjoy Steampunk. I’ve written a few stories within the genre as well.


What is the most important lesson you had to learn while writing?

Not everyone is going to like your writing and you need to edit your work because you cannot be your own editor. I’ve always known not everyone is going to like my work but it’s not until you work your butt off, promote your work and get yourself out there that you notice how many critical people will try to get you down. The lesson is to not let them get you down, take is as constructively as you can (if possible) and move on, never engage with people hating on you or being critical of your work. Also, no matter how many times you look over your own work you’re going to miss something, it’s human nature, your mind is used to what you write so you could go over your own work 100 times and still probably find an error which is why it’s best to have two or more sets of eyes go over your work. The more properly edited the book is, the better it will be.



If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

A useful power would be teleportation so I could go anywhere I wanted to at anytime but full forced superpower I would say super strength or speed, I mean who doesn’t wanna be fast or strong?


Who/what is your favourite horror monster and why?

Dracula. I enjoy where he came from, based of Vlad the Impaler. I like him because there’s truth and real identity behind the horror monster and it gives a more dark and deep story to tell. Yes I love Dracula because he’s a vampire but his story is so sad and yet fascinating. I’ve written poems on him and I try to make him as raw and with emotion as I can because that’s what I enjoy about him.

Tell us all about your latest release!

My latest release is The Macabre Masterpiece: Repressed Carnage, a sequel to my first book. It is a collection of sixty poems within five chapters each a place usually representing horror.

There are some horror’s in this world that have no motive or reason other than to scare. These things tend to be the most horrific of all because they have no agenda, no filter and only wish to inflict as much fear into a person as possible. You’re about to take a trip to five places most do not wish to go but horror lovers dream of experiencing. Make your way down to a crypt where the horror’s may seem old but they’re as fresh as can be. Next make your way out to the cemetery and get a feel of how all that’s supposed to be in eternal slumber is alive and animated. Then go inside to visit the morgue and get to know some of horror’s most vile and sinister anomalies. Next take a journey to an asylum where more than just the insane call home. Finally, make one last stop at a crematorium and witness all that remains and how it does not wish to burn. Be on high alert and make sure to take it all in and remember that the true carnage lies within you…


What was your favourite part of writing it?

My favorite part about writing it would have to be the research on some of the real horrors of this world and the fact that I had the titles but even when I sat down to write some of them I still had no clue what the title was going to be about if it wasn’t obvious. The fact that I had mystery within my own writing that even I was clueless about until I started writing is a good feeling.


You can find me on my website as well as the following social media sites:





Thanks for joining us, Justin!