Hi guys! Today I have the great pleasure of introducing a talented author that not only writes thrillers, paranormal, and sci-fi novels, but screenplays too. Hopefully we’ll be seeing one of Michael Phillip Cash’s novels made into a movie soon! 

Hi Michael! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Michael Phillip Cash and I write books and screenplays. I like long walks on the beach. Actually, no not at all. I live on the North Shore of Long Island with my wonderful wife and two children. I love writing and eating bacon, but necessarily at the same time.

Have you always wanted to write books? What made you start?

I’ve been writing stories (albeit terribly) since I was a young lad. I started writing screenplays (pretty lousy) in high school. Got more serious in college. Then started turning my scripts into novels and began self-publishing. I’ve always loved to tell stories and writing was my outlet to do so.



Writing is a family business for you, what’s it like having other authors that are so close to you?

My family has an active imagination. If I’m ever feeling stuck, my family is there to give me ideas and get the old subconscious turning again. I’m extremely close with my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What are your favourite genres to read and write?

I actually love to read self-help / spiritual books, and I love to write stories about things that are not real, but could be i.e. ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies…etc…

What’s your favourite movie and why?

You have to ask which year. But if I had to choose one, just one movie – it would be There Will Be Blood. That performance by Daniel Day Lewis. That direction by PT Anderson. It’s magic. But ask me at a different time and I may say Rounders, Empire Strikes Back, Lord of the Rings, and Penguins of Madagascar would be my favorite movie.

Describe your perfect day.

Waking up at 6am. Kids aren’t sick so they go to school. Cold shower. Research and develop my story throughout the day. Hang with wife before kids come home. Kids come home, play with them. Cook for dinner. Tuck kids in. Tuck wife in. Write until midnight. This happens every day.

You write a lot of ghost stories, have you ever experienced anything paranormal? If not, do you believe in ghosts?

Of course. I’ve had ghosts with my whole life. I’ve seen them. I’ve spoken to them. They necessarily didn’t talk back, but I’ve definitely witnessed them.

Tell us about your latest release! Or an upcoming release if you have one soon.

I am actually in a holding pattern. My books Monsterland 1 & 2 were just picked up by a national publisher and will be out by the end of 2017. I have 4 other stories that I’m working on now that I’ve been sworn to secrecy that I couldn’t reveal.


What did you most enjoy about writing it?

Writing in my pajamas.

That’s one of my favourite things about writing too!















Thanks for your time Michael!

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