Hi guys, and welcome to a fascinating interview with paranormal author P.J Roscoe!


Hi P.J! Tell us a bit about yourself.

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My name is Paula Jacqueline Roscoe and I am the award-winning author of Paranormal historical thrillers such as Echoes, Freya’s Child, Between Worlds and the historical, Diary of Margery Blake. I am also the author of the children’s series, Adventures of Faerie folk. I live in North Wales, UK with my husband, Martin of 24 years and our daughter, Megan who has autism and dyspraxia, our dog, Sidney and our three cats, Morganna, Tabitha and Eric


What was your first idea for a book, and have you published it?

My first idea is a tough one really. I was writing short stories and putting them together aged about eleven for my younger brother. It was about a magical zoo when all the animals talked about the weird visitors after dark! I didn’t publish that though.
I suppose Echoes is my first venture into being an author and I began writing that twenty years ago this June 2017. Following the sudden death of our son I didn’t think I could continue living, when I began doodling, which became a short story, which became a 165,000 word novel! It’s had many adventures since which you can read on my website www.pjroscoe.co.uk. Now it is taken on by Doce Blant publishing who re-released it August 2017.
Echoes follows a young woman who is determined to start a new life following years of abuse, however, within days she witnesses an horrific murder and she must face the past to have any chance of living in the present. Moving between present day and 15th century England, when Henry Tudor claimed the throne. One terrible act echoes down through the centuries, having devastating consequences. There were many casualties of war, but some refuse to be forgotten.


What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as a writer?

Patience! I am the most impatient woman alive! My impatience has sent me down roads I could and should have avoided, but I didn’t know what I was doing when I started out and didn’t know who to talk to. Computers were fairly new, but even as I became efficient using them, I didn’t understand stuff and have had to learn the hard way. Book covers that should NEVER have been used. Publishers and con artists that set me back years.
So, I also learned resilience and perseverance – because I am still here, still going strong, because I believe in my work.



You’re obviously very connected to nature, where is your favourite place to enjoy the outdoors?

I live in North Wales – too many beautiful places to mention. Mountains, rivers, lakes, woods, forests, wild open spaces, woods of old oaks, gushing streams, caves to explore – too much magic!
IF we had the chance to move anywhere, it would be the Highlands of Scotland, my soul sings when I visit. It is coming home as we lived here in a past life.


What genres do you most enjoy reading and writing?

I’ve always written weird and supernatural, although, during a writing course I took, they had me writing all kinds of stuff. I realised through that, that writing about women’s bras and delving into people’s personal lives are not my thing! Anything historical I adore. Delving into history and finding interesting characters and actions make me smile. I once wrote for a Welsh magazine, ‘Country Quest’ and all of my articles were historical and supernatural. I seem to come alive writing about such topics.
I read paranormal historical books too, IF I have time. Usually I’m so tired by the end of the day; I barely manage to read a page of ‘Spirit & Destiny magazine’! I read a lot of ghostly non-fiction books as I have a library full and I am always researching and reminding myself of various haunting. I’ve read a few different genres over the years for reviewing other author’s work, but I always come back to paranormal. I have just bought, ‘Into the Water’ by Paula Hawkins. I’m not really sure what the genre is, but I liked the sound of it. I also liked the odd idea of reading other ‘Paula’s ‘works – I thought that might be quirky!



If you could be any fantasy race or creature, which would you pick and why?

Elves. Not the small kind, but Tolkien’s kind. Tall and magical, wild and warrior-like. Great hair, great figure and very lithe! Plus they live a very long time, unless an Orc gets in ya’ face! And if they look like Orlando Bloom – well…


Tell us a bit about your spooky blog!

My spooky blog came about because people kept asking me about my life and all it entails. Being a medium who sees, hears, feels spirit and ghosts, my life is certainly not ‘normal’! I remember some of my past lives and have met people from them. My husband was once my wife! Role reversal in the extreme!!I wanted to write about all aspects of the weird and wonderful, so I also do a video blog whenever anything strange happens to me – which is fairly often. These can be found on my FB page P.J Roscoe/story lady.
My spooky blog this last month has been about Trees. I love trees and cannot fathom why greed is destroying the lungs of our earth. They have such power and knowledge and to sit with a tree is a special moment. My next blog will be about Christmas in some way.



You get involved in a lot of events; can you give any tips to those authors just venturing into public appearances?

I am rather a shy creature, so being asked to speak at local events, or book signing is terrifying, but it is a must if you are to succeed in writing. My readers want to hear from me and I feel blessed to have such a following. So my advice – ask your local libraries if you can offer a ‘meet your local author’ Get together with other local authors and offer advice, chat, offer something free like a short story to all those who attend to give them an idea of your writing style. Ask local bookshops to offer book signings, talks on a subject, anything to get you out into the public eye. Get in touch with a local radio, local magazine, newspaper – it can be difficult but try to get people’s attention – in a good way!! I suggested recently to a TV programme after they interviewed me and it was cancelled due to a high number of other features that I should do something interesting, like lunging at the pope, then perhaps my interview would be aired!!! I won’t… or will I????!


What is your favourite book or series, and why?

Barbara Erskine is my favourite author. I’ve read everything she’s written. I met her recently at a local library where she was being interviewed and we swopped books! She remembered me from my tweeting to her – I was star struck! I now await her review of ‘Between Worlds’ with bated breath!
One of my favourite reviews was from a bookshop that said, Echoes, was perfect for Barbara Erskine fans! I was blown away.
Erskine is paranormal, historical and she weaves a good yarn. Lady of Hay is a classic book; though I re-read it this year (its 30 years old) and it didn’t quite age well! 1980’s attitudes towards women – not good. Her latest, ‘Sleeper’s Castle’, I can certainly recommend – after mine, of course!



Tell us all about your book!

Which one? Echoes, I’ve mentioned above.
Freya’s Child is set on the Wirral and follows the lives of a present day family and a Viking family – the two entwine. I wanted to ask the question – What would a parent do to save their child? Bring the clash of beliefs into the mix, an archaeology dig, a mad man, past lives and I have a novel!
Between Worlds is more of a psychological thriller. Emily, who has been missing for months, is found next to a headless corpse. Refusing to speak, she is sent to a psychiatric hospital for her own safety. The only clue, the murder weapon, an ancient sword. Using hypnotherapy, Emily finally begins telling her story, but what she tells them couldn’t possibly be true, could it?
Diary of Margery Blake is purely historical and follows the life of a young bride in Victorian England. Married off to a man she hates, she soon realises ‘husband’ is merely another word for ‘abuser, brute and bully’ No rights, no voice, Margery’s only power is writing in her secret diary. It’s just won the 2017 Marie M Irvine Literary Excellence award
Adventures of Faerie folk for young children are two books so far, teaching children morals and how to live in harmony with nature – or there will be consequences.


What interview question do you wish someone would ask you?

Have you ever had writers block?


Answer it!

NO! I have so many books and stories in my head; my only problem is I cannot type fast enough or not enough hours in the day to write. The faerie stories are all written – about 16 of them completed, about another 5 need tweaking. I wrote them when my daughter was young, she’s now 19! I have another three idea’s for novels. I’m working on my sixth and my fifth novel, ‘Where Rivers meet’ is in the queue to be edited by DoceBlant publishing next year.


P.J Roscoe, is the award-winning author of paranormal, historical fiction and faerie stories, along with various short stories in Anthologies. She lives in North Wales with her husband and daughter. Paula walks in nature every day and yes, she believes in faeries! Paula is a medium, counsellor, holistic therapist, Chakradance facilitator and drumming facilitator. She holds regular healing workshops and a monthly drumming circle. She is frequently asked to various haunted locations to help spirit and works with angels and spirit guides. Some of her experiences end up in her books.

‘One day I will write my memoirs and the title will be – ‘I’m not dead yet!’ I believe in living every day. Find the joy and gratitude in your life and truly live, never merely exist. This was one of the lessons I wanted to portray in Echoes, along with what you do in life, echoes through time, so live a good one x