Hi guys, today I’m interviewing a man with great experience across many areas of the writing world, Prakash Vir Sharma.


Hi Prakash! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi Kay !IMG_20170210_203405

Thanks for providing me an opportunity for this interview.

Basically I am a management and engineering professional as well as an educationalist by qualification. I am best known for my impartial analytical opinions on political, social and religious issues. I am also a passionate social thinker. The books “Pratibimb” and “Mahakte Panne” were published by Yuvraj Prakashan which consist of my prominent works.

My first book ” Kathputli”, which was published in March 2017, made news for two months right from social media to print media.

”Kathputli was my first independent venture and was self-published. Within a month “Kathputli” was available worldwide on major platforms like Amazon, Createspace, smashwords, Bol and Ebay, Kmart, Abebooks etc while it is available in India on Shop101, Iglobale, Bookdhara, Pothi and Flipkart in e-book and paperback versions.

I started writing for newspapers as a freelancer in early 1990s. Starting from Hindi weekly ”Shrambheri”, I continued to display my skills in the form of articles, poems and stories in various newspapers and magazines till date.

At present, with 24 years of technical experience in steel industry, I am working with India’s leading steel manufacturing company as Senior Manager. Although a native of Moradabad (India), I am currently staying in Kolkata with my wife, a son and a daughter.



What are your favourite genres to read and write?

My favourite genres include Motivational, Self help, Short stories. Being a social worker I love to write on social issues and as a critic  writing on political issues is my passion.


Your books are about some deep concepts, please tell us a bit more about them.

Yes, you are absolutely right. My deep concepts are due to my thought process which is independent and based on management principles, mostly PDCA cycle. Being an Indian, I am spiritual and believe in developing my own philosophy. You will be surprised to know that my pen name on facebook is “Swatantra Bhartiya”which means “An independent Indian” and I use to say my friends that it’s not just a name rather it is an ideology.



What first inspired you to write, and what still inspires you now?

Kay ! As I already told you about my starting point of writing, at that time I was eager to get my name published in newspapers, when I got success in that I wished to write books. I have written one complete and one incomplete novels in Hindi but could not get those published due to resources. Once I came to know about self publishing in 2014, I started writing short stories and published these as a book “Kathputli”. Now success of that book inspired me to continue my writing. In May’17 I came to know about StorytellerUK2017 award and I submitted my second book “Life In Shackles” which stood first in the contest on the basis of average customer reviews. I am surprised to see it’s excellent sales in UK, US and India. That’s it.


You also write poetry; do you have a favourite poem to share with us?

Well, Kay ! I have written poems in my mother tongue. I will definitely send some of those to you once I do something in English. However, I would like to share with you few lines from my recent book “Life In Shackles”


With whom she takes oath to spent her life

For whom she comes leaving her family

The house where she spent her childhood

All that joy and memories she leaves for him

She dreams for a happier married life

But finds herself stunned hearing Divorce

What a tradition this Talaq is !

Always she gets hurt by her own……


What is your favourite book?secret

My favourite book is “The Secret”by Rhonda Byrne.


What do you do to relax?

When I face writer’s block, I do spent my time in reading Spiritual, Philosophical and Inspirational books.


If you could change something about the world, what would it be?

I wish to be a peacemaker who could be followed worldwide for sincere efforts towards mankind.


What are your plans for the future?

I had rough manuscripts of about half a dozen books of various genres. I sincerely wish to publish at least two books every year.


Tell us all about your latest release! (Or an upcoming one if you have a new release soon.)


My latest release “Life In Shackles” is within 50k rank among Amazon’s best sellers. My upcoming inspirational book will be released by May’18.


What interview question do you wish someone would ask you?

I will be glad to share my success stories if someone would ask during an interview. I am planning to write a book on that too.


Thanks so much for your time, Prakash!

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Email: prakash2484@gmail.com