I have some very exciting news! I’ve become part of the Navigating Indieworld team, and I’ll be writing the monthly newsletter for the site.

For those of you that don’t know, Navigating Indieworld was originally a book by Carole P. Roman and Julie A. Gerber (both have been interviewed here and here recently) that lays out the steps a new indie author should take to publish their book. It’s full of tips for creating your book and useful ways to help sell it afterwards.


Carole and Julie then formed a Goodreads group (visit it here) to provide a place for indie authors to help each other out and become a solid community of like-minded people that want to see each other succeed, it’s full of great opportunities and is one of my favourite places on the internet.

Now, Navigating Indieworld has grown so rapidly that new things are springing up every day. We have a beautiful website with an active blog that is bursting with useful writing advice, encouragement, and fascinating personal stories. There is The Spring Book Festival coming on the 27th (more about that soon) and plans for a lot of great things to come.

Make sure you keep up to date with it all by signing up to the newsletter! There may be free books involved too if you need any more persuasion 😉