Today I get to show off another fabulous new release to you guys! This gorgeous-looking book is Kathy Robert’s latest novel, Kingdoms of the Curse, she’s going to tell us all about it and then we also get an interview with Casandra, our heroine. Seriously, just look at that dragon, how can you resist?


Cassandra lived with her mother outside of Drenidore, the cursed fairy kingdom.  She had no personal knowledge of fairies, shifters, witches, or humans for that matter as she’d only ever known her mother.  Her mother told her “Once Upon A Time” stories about these things which Cassandra loved, but never knew they were true stories about real creatures.

Zythora was the witch who placed the curse, but she was under a curse herself.  She had an ally who was working to break her curse, so she was getting stronger again.  She was calling to Cassandra from Drenidore.  If she could get her to enter, she would be trapped and her powers drained.  Since she was just coming into her powers as her mother had raised her without magic; she didn’t know what was happening.  Due to these circumstances, her mother had to tell her that they were witches and all about the curse and the requirements to attempt to break it.  Cassandra knew she was “the one” so her training began.  She had just over 3 years to prepare as the only chance she had was on her 16th birthday.

They’d moved the to the palace of the White Witch Queen, Lorissa to begin her training.  She also began school in the village and made some friends.  Cassandra lived a dual live as human and witch, but she grew strong in her magic very quickly.  She created her dragon Greargon, gave him magic, trained him to be her familiar, and they became fast friends.  He would play a vital part in the plan to destroy Zythora.

She also had the backing of her coven who would be there to assist.  It was quite the 3 year journey but they’d made it and believed they were ready to do battle with the strongest witch to have ever lived.




You have such a big role your majesty at such a young age, exactly how old are you?  I just turned 16 today.

How is it you have a pet dragon?  I made him a couple years ago.  I needed a familiar and helper and I so wanted a dragon from the moment my mother mentioned one in passing.  I just knew at that moment I would have my very own.  We are such good friends Greargon and I. (pronounced Greergun)

Do you have a boy friend? I suppose I do.  I am good friends with a boy I’ve known for a few years now and he has all the qualities I’d want in a boyfriend.  We are now officially in the first stages of courtship; so hopefully things will progress in a good way.  This is all new to me.

What a lovely necklace, where ever did you get it? It was a gift from King Baltazaar, thanking me for my efforts in attempting to break the curse on his kingdom so he could once again love his wife Queen Angelica.  It was one of his mother’s prized pieces of jewelry.  I think it’s rather exquisite myself.

When did you find out you were a witch? I was twelve years old.  My mother had raised me without magic for all those years.

And did you know how powerful you would become? I didn’t at the time, but the more I found out about myself and my world, the more determined I became to become powerful so I could protect not just my loved ones, but the world I was learning about.

Do you tend to practice your magic alone or as part of a coven? Alone mainly.  My mother trained me and would explain what I needed to do, and monitor my progress, but I knew I’d have to work with our coven if there was any hope of breaking the curse.

What are your plans for the future, will we be reading any more of your adventures soon?  I haven’t given it much thought as my life is really just getting started.  I do, however, have an entire world to explore, people and creatures to meet and places and things to see.

If you could give us one piece of advice what would it be? Believe in yourself, work hard, be honest in all your dealings and you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

And where can we find your full story? in paperback or e-book. I also sell from my website if you’d like autographed copies.



Airamoor, the human kingdom, and Drenidore, the fairy kingdom, are under the curse of the evil witch Zythora.  She was humiliated when King Baltazaar fell in love with the fairy queen.  She’d had him under a spell, but it wasn’t enough to stop his love for Angelica. She placed both kingdoms and everyone and every creature in them under a spell where no magic could be performed and no love of any kind was to be had, so long as she lived.

She cast so many spells, she was exhausted and fortunately the white witches were quick to act.  They cast a spell on her while she was weak, bound her and buried her in the center of Drenidore until she could be destroyed.

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The curse can only be broken by a witch who is in the same bloodline as Zythora, who feels the call to save the kingdoms, is strong enough in her powers, and willing to take the chance that she will not be destroyed in the process.  The main stipulation is the spell has to be spoken on that witch’s 16th birthday.

Cassandra has just discovered she is a witch and it’s a little over three years until her 16th birthday.  She meets all the criteria and is convinced she can destroy Zythora and break the curse with the help of her coven.  This is her journey and coming of age story.  She has three years to perfect her craft and devise a plan to break the curse.  She is the only hope they’ve had in 650 years and may be their last hope ever.


That sounds like an awesome read, Kathy. Thanks for telling us about it, and to Cassandra for being such a great guest.

Make sure to grab your copy of this fantasy adventure (I have mine!). If you’d like to know more about Kathy and her other books you can check out this interview with her.