Hi guys, today I’m talking about a pair of games that I was completely buzzing about from the first mention of their release, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

I’ve been a massive Pokémon fan since the original games, so I’m going to admit that this could be a biased opinion right now. This series is the reason I own every generation of Nintendo handheld consoles…


I’m sure everyone knows, but these are RPG games where you travel around the world collecting, trading, and battling monsters. The basic gameplay hasn’t changed that much from the days of Red and Blue but there are some major improvements that make the game feel slicker. My favourite is the introduction of ‘ride Pokémon’ which you can call to carry you across different terrains or destroy boulders, instead of wasting one of your Pokémon’s four move slots to teach them how to navigate these obstacles. And it’s really fun to just charge around on a Tauros everywhere!

There’s also new battle techniques called Z-moves, you can only use one per battle and the Pokémon using it has to be holding the Z-crystal for that move. It lets you unleash a powerful attack and some of the animations are fantastic, watching my Decidueye rain exploding arrows down on its enemies never gets old.

Speaking of that, I usually go with the fire-type starter, and when I saw Litten’s preview I was so excited to be getting a fire cat to play with. Torracat seemed pretty cool too, but then I was so disappointed with how Incineroar looked that I didn’t want to use it. I know a lot of people are sick of bipedal, humanoid 3rd stage fire starters, that isn’t my problem; Delphox is one of my absolute favourite Pokémon. I just though Incineroar looked goofy.



Look at that goofy fire cat!

I already knew that I wanted to use an Alolan Ninetales in my party, which gave me a fairy-type, so I took Rowlett over Popplio as my starter. I hardly ever use grass-types because I usually have the types they’re strong against covered by other Pokémon in my team, but I was really glad I did this time. Decidueye did me proud.

I’m still not 100% sure if I think changing some of the original generation of Pokémon to new forms was a good idea, a few are great like Ninetales and Raichu. But some are just plain odd or ugly like Dugtrio and Persian. I think if they put a bit more effort into the revamped forms I would’ve been happier with it.

The hands-down, most fun thing about the game though was Team Skull. They are easily the best villains in a Pokémon game so far! Usually you get some random evil guys that want to destroy the world for some weird reason, but Team Skull are a bunch of outcast, downtrodden teens that seem more confused about their place in the world and just want to be noticed. They were so easy to empathise with and see why they had turned out the way they had. The boss, Guzma, is my favourite character from the game, you can see he’s had a crappy life and gone off the rails but there’s definitely hope for him yet. Oh, and the Team Skull theme song will have you cranking up the sound on the your 3DS 😉




My only complaint about this game is that it’s far too easy. In the other Pokemon games there were caves that were a slog to get through, puzzles to figure out, and some genuinely tough battles. But in Sun and Moon, there was none of that. The only puzzles were a couple of obvious boulder pushing ones, and the only thing that put up much of a fight was Guzma’s Golisopod. Victory Road was so disappointing, it’s usually the last hurdle before the Elite Four and full of maze-like paths and strong opponents. This time I walked through a couple of tunnels and popped out in front of a Pokecenter, I thought they must’ve put one half-way to make it a bit easier on players but that was the whole thing! There was no feeling of being a triumphant conqueror, heading towards being a champion.

The story is good though, with some great characters, and despite the simplicity I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. Even after becoming the champion there’s still a lot left for me to do, I haven’t gone on to battle any of the Ultra Beasts yet and as always, it’s going to take a while to catch them all!


If you still haven’t played this yet, it’s certainly one to add to your game library. It’s been voted one of the best games to be released on DS and it’s the sort of thing that anyone can pick up and have fun with.

Have any of you guys been playing this? What did you think? Tell me about your team and how your Pokedex is coming along! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all soon 😉