Hi guys, my latest cinema trip was to see the new Marvel offering, Spider-Man: Homecoming. I was excited to go and see a Spider-Man film that was produced by Marvel Studios (Sony has had the sole movie rights to that character so far) but he isn’t one of my favourite heroes. So, I think I came out with an unbiased review, even though my sister calls me a Marvel fangirl.


This is the third version of Spider-Man that we’ve seen so far and I can say that it’s easily my favourite. Tom Holland’s jokey, excitable fifteen-year-old is a such a fun character to watch. He maintains a fantastic balance between being a hero that wants to use his new-found powers for good, and being a typical student that wants to be accepted by his peers and noticed by his crush.

I also loved watching a newbie hero again, most of The Avengers are well-established and confident in themselves and their abilities. Seeing Spider-Man struggle to figure out what he could do and being in a genuine panic sometimes as he dealt with intense situations was heart-warming, making you root for this young underdog. And they managed to do it without making an origin story!

The supporting cast were great too, obviously with the most prominent being Iron Man. Despite the heavy use of him in the advertising, he really was a background character and thankfully didn’t take over the film. But we all know he’s awesome so I don’t need to tell you about him.

Peter’s group of schoolfriends are hilarious, especially his best friend, Ned, and they draw you into the mundane half of hero life. All superheroes make sacrifices, but it’s so sad seeing a kid missing out on the normal things his friends are all doing because he has this huge responsibility he can’t even share with them. And it’s usually at these times that you see the weaknesses, struggles and depth to Peter’s character.





Spider-Man: Homecoming also has one of the best villains I’ve seen for a long time. I know we all adore Loki, but many of the big bads from superhero films aren’t that scary or memorable. The Vulture had a genuine motive for who he’d become, and was menacing enough to have me at that gut-fluttering, hands over my mouth state. And that was when he wasn’t even in his suit. I can’t say more about this without ruining one of the best parts of the movie, but you’ll know what I mean.

Overall, this was a different route than your usual Marvel fare, and it worked. It still had the great casting, effects and laugh out loud moments throughout, but it brought a fresh perspective from the small scale of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. As opposed to a battle for the world, or universe.

I usually talk about a few negatives too, but apart from some implausibility with things being fixed that were surely beyond repair, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The story is solid, with some well-done twists, and it was entertaining all the way to the end. And beyond- make sure you stay for both post-credits scenes.


I think you can tell that this a definite recommended watch from me, and I promise I’m being objective, even if I am a Marvel fangirl…



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