Hi guys and welcome to another Let’s Talk About… Where I don’t quite review something and just have a chat about it!


Last weekend my husband and I went to see Wonder Woman, the latest film in the DC Extended Universe. I always love a good superhero movie but after how disappointing I found Batman vs Superman (that’s a story for another day) I was a bit apprehensive. So… is it a good film?

Diana was a great character from start to finish. After growing up on a secluded island, you get a real feel for her inquisitiveness and naivety when she finally has to deal with the rest of the world. She may be physically tough and an incredible fighter, but she has to rely on others to help her get around and this adds some much-needed balance to a hero that could easily have been too overpowered. I know Superman is a big fan favourite but I’ve never been that interested in him because he has so many abilities that make him unbeatable unless his enemy somehow gets hold of a ridiculously rare material.

I adored Diana’s resolve and compassion to; she stood her ground when it mattered and even when she saw an ugliness in the world that she’d never experienced before, it just made her more dedicated to helping people. Amidst the grittiness and morally grey characters that are prevalent right now (which I do love) it was nice to see a true archetypal hero.




And, my gosh, could she fight! Her beautiful blend of believable strength and effortless grace made every action scene a joy to watch. To the point where I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I’m not one of those people that went into the cinema excited because there was a female lead, I just enjoy superhero movies, so I wasn’t expecting such a release of emotion. It was as if all the times I bit my tongue in frustration and rolled my eyes because of the weak token women or otherwise pointless love interest spilled out. And I know there have been other great females in films, there was just something special and poignant about the way Diana was portrayed.

Despite this, there were the odd bits of slightly janky CGI where things didn’t always look quite right. Most of the film was well put together but these few scenes did pull you out of the action. And, even though the story was engaging, the film felt really long. To be honest, I think this was partly down to the copious amount of slow motions shots. There’s only so many times you need to see a close-up of Wonder Woman looking intense with her hair floating in the wind.


Should you watch this film?

I think so- it was a solid superhero film and anyone that enjoys the genre would be missing out if they didn’t watch it. It has a decent story and characters, and some great laugh out loud moments that some of DC’s other films seem to be lacking. It’s definitely a step in the right direction for them and I’m looking forward to their next releases a lot more now. Wonder Woman is easily my favourite DCEU movie so far but I think there’s still improvements that could’ve been made to it. With a bit of cutting and tightening up it could’ve been something incredible, but don’t worry- it doesn’t miss the mark by much!