Hi guys. Today I get to introduce you to this absolute cutie! Muffy has her own series (which you should definitely check out) and is here to share a bit about her greatest adventures.


May 13th 2017 Interview of Muffy of Farmville, by Pete, the Dog Catcher


Hi, my name is Pete and I am a very unusual Dog Catcher.  I live and work in a beautiful place called Farmville.  I have an odd talent which I use to good effect in my work, and that is that I can understand what animals say and they can understand me!  It really is quite awesome.  Recently I met a lovely family called the Gabriels who live nearby.  They have six or seven dogs now, Will and Sara Gabriel are such softies they just can’t help themselves from taking in any passing dog that needs them.  Not long ago a little Goldendoodle pup named Muffy got lost after she chased a silly grasshopper from her farm in Farmville.  She walked and walked all night long and in the morning she collapsed at the Gabriels’ front door.  Well, of course the Gabriels have adopted her and now she chases bees and butterflies and lizards in the Gabriels’ huge back yard.  The local Farmville newspaper asked me if I would like to do an interview for their Home and Garden section, so I thought that it would be fun to interview Muffy about her travels.  So here we are sitting in the garden in the shade of the big oak tree with Oliver the Papillion and Radar the Golden Retriever keeping us company.


Pete: So tell me Muffy, that night long ago when you got lost, were you scared?

Muffy: Oh yes, Pete, I have to admit, even though I’d rather not, because you know I’m actually quite brave, but I was all alone and very hungry and very thirsty and I was scared as can be.

Pete:  So when Will Gabriel found you were you scared of him?

Muffy:  No, he had the nicest, kindest energy and I immediately felt safe, and Radar let me sleep in his cushiony bed and the others made me feel so at home, I just knew I belonged.

Pete:  Now since then you’ve been on vacation to Florida, that must have been quite an adventure.

Muffy:  Oh that was wonderful, we all got to go together in a big kind of house on wheels and we swam in the sea and we sailed on a boat and we saw dolphins and manatees, and Oliver was a hero!

Pete:  Yes I see Oliver grinning over there.

Muffy:  Oliver is my best friend, of course I love everyone here, but I am especially fond of Oliver because he was so brave and saved a little dolphin from drowning when we were in Florida.

Pete:  What happened?

Muffy:  Well, we were staying with Sara’s cousin, Mrs. Tonin, and her daughter has a tourist boat and she took us out to Teapot Bayou to see the sights, and oh my goodness we met so many cool friends there, but then as we were on our way back we made friends with a little dolphin named Puff, and Puff got caught in a shrimp net and Oliver hates water, but he jumped in to save him without so much as a thought for his own safety, now that’s really brave.

Pete:  Well, you are brave too Muffy

Muffy:  No, I’m silly!  I always chase things and get myself into scrapes.

Pete:  But you get yourself out again, don’t you!

Muffy: (Laughing) Yes, I guess I do.

Pete:  I hear you have a new brother.

Muffy:  Oh yes, we recently adopted a big, white Great Pyrenees named Winter.  Boy, he is really something!  See, I got myself into a bit of a scrape with Mama Porkee, the porcupine, and ended up at the vet, and I met the Medicine Cat there and then Doc Smith told us about Winter who had been lost in a storm and….

Pete:  Woa, hold up there, you’re going too fast…

Muffy:  Well, anyway, now we have even more brothers!!

Pete:  So Muffy, if you have one important message for our readers, what would that be?

Muffy:  Hmmmm, well, I think I would want to tell everyone to be nice!  If you want to say something to someone ask yourself if it is kind, and if it is true, and if it is necessary.  Then If not, don’t say it.

Pete:  That sounds like good advice, but tell the truth now Muffy, do you always live by those words?

Muffy: (Laughing) Maybe not always, but I do try!

Oliver:  She does try!

Muffy:  Hey!  This is my interview, you go suck on a stick!

Pete:  Now, now, Muffy I thought you said to be nice!

Muffy:  Well, most of the time!

Pete:  Well, I must go, it was really nice chatting with you.

Muffy:  I’ll walk you to the door.


Thank you to Muffy and Pete for joining us, maybe poor Oliver can have his own interview one day!

The Muffy Series is by the awesome children’s author Devra Robitaille. Go grab your copy of Muffy and the Medicine Cat from Amazon now! You can also find out more about Muffy and her friends going on tour on their website.



Untitled design (33)Bio:

London-born Devra is a prolific composer, songwriter and keyboardist, as well as an author of books for kids.  She had a successful career as a professional musician in England, playing keyboards and touring with Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame, before moving to America in the nineties.  All through the nineties she directed musicals and theatrical productions in Los Angeles. Devra now lives in Florida with her family on the Sarasota Bay. She loves to kayak and bike and is a consummate foodie, baking lovely cakes and deserts.

 Devra has written five books, the three books in The Muffy Series a trilogy of funny and heartwarming chapter books for children, book one Muffy and the Dog Catcher, book two Muffy’s Florida Adventure and book three Muffy and the Medicine Cat. And for older readers, The Efficiency Claus, a rollicking Christmas Tale featuring reindeer, elves and cake, as the workers at Santa’s compound fight to free Christmas from Santa’s tyrannical chief of staff, and The Dream Stealers a fantasy space adventure