No, that lady up there isn’t Olam! She’s the wonderful children’s author Devra Robitaille. Today I’ll be hosting an interview with a character from her upcoming release- The Dream Stealers. Let me tell you a little more about it…

Devin’s thrilling story of courage in the face of ruthless greed and skullduggery begins on Earth.

Devin is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives with her scientist father who has invented a laser spaceship, the Traveler, and when he goes for a test run the machine returns without him.

Devin bravely sets off to find him and learns how to fly the Traveler,  encountering many odd and magical characters en route.

She ends up on a breathtakingly beautiful planet called Vega which is the headquarters of the Dream Council, where she meets her guides, Ryan and Olam and finds her father again.  She discovers that the universe is threatened by underhanded and dastardly bandits called the Dream Stealers who lurk in the border regions between dreaming and waking, attacking dreamers and stealing their dreams.  They sell the dreams on the black market leaving their victims trapped in an agonizing wasteland, mere shadows of themselves.

The Dream Council is organizing a resistance movement to vanquish the Dream Stealers and recapture the dreams and return them to the dreamers. To her amazement Devin discovers that she is not an earthling, but an alien with incredible talents and she bravely steps up to play her part.   She enrolls in the flying academy on Vega to learn to become a fighter pilot in the reconnaissance squadron and begins her inspiring journey of defiance and victory.


Intrigued yet? You should be! 

So, here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for- let’s meet Olam…



Interview with Olam on the Pentaris Outpost, February 9th 2017

By Artie Bookman

After interviewing Captain Devin on the Planet Vega a few weeks ago I thought it might be a good idea to do a follow up on the Dream Stealers with Lieutenant Olam, Special Envoy to the Dream Council and esteemed member of the Vegan Officers Corp.  Lieutenant Olam had been Devin’s mentor and tutor when she had first arrived from Earth; indeed, it had been Olam who had recruited her and introduced her to Ryan, so I thought that he might be able to shed some light on the problem of the dream stealing bandits and give me some interesting insight into Captain Devin and her crew and their ongoing fight to clean up the Gamma Sector.


It had been quite difficult to get an appointment to interview Olam, but eventually my people and his people were able to arrange a meeting and here I was on the Pentaris Outpost at last, being ushered into the famous Olam’s quarters.  I felt nervous.  His fame was legendary and, honestly, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to ask him.  But as soon as he had opened the door I had felt completely at ease.  He was quite large, at least head and shoulders taller than me, and a startlingly beautiful green colored Lion.  I blinked, tongue-tied in his presence.  There was a twinkle in his eye and a huge grin on his big craggy face as he chuckled at my startled expression.  “Close your mouth, dear boy,” he said, “we’re not trying to catch flies!”


He indicated a large and comfy-looking couch where I was to sit.  I mumbled something about needing to take notes, so he gestured for me to join him at the table, and we both pulled up our chairs.  I found him easy to talk to and very open and forthcoming and I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.  So here it is:




Artie:  What was your first impression of Devin when you stumbled on her in No Man’s Land that day long ago?

Olam:  I thought what a ridiculous life-form, scrawny and pathetic-looking and without any protective coating, such as a decent pelt of fur… (Olam stroked his own awesome green, furry arm in admiration) …but as soon as she turned and gazed at me, with that grumpy human glare, like she was daring me to engage her in conversation, I knew she was anything but pathetic!

Artie:  Was she a difficult student at first?

Olam:  I wouldn’t say difficult, but certainly impatient.  She wanted to know everything and do everything right now!!  She didn’t accept that she was young or female, she didn’t accept any limitations.  I think that is what makes her such an excellent Captain now.  She never allows for anything except the success of the mission.

Artie: I hate to bring up painful things, but of course it’s well known that you infiltrated the Dream Stealers and for a while you travelled with Blockford’s band.  What can you tell us about them?

Olam:  (scowling)  Yes, that is a painful time in my life, but it had to be done.  It was a key part of the plan to get inside their ranks and break apart the hold they had on the rest of the universe and our dreams.

Artie:  What were they like?

Olam:  Stupid!!  (laughing) and unimaginative.  That was what allowed us to get the upper hand; they have no imagination.  Oh sure, they are rough and tough and determined to win, don’t get me wrong they are a formidable foe.  But they are easy to trick because they only think in straight lines, never outside the box, you might say.  And of course Devin and the lads are much more ingenious.  Once we realized that it was easy to come up with ways to beat them back from the Border Regions.

Artie:  So the battle is won, then?

Olam:  Oh no (laughing) don’t let me give you that impression, we have a long way to go yet, but we have made a start and people can sleep easy now and dream well, knowing that they are mostly safe.  We are training fighter pilots at the Academy and sending out special envoys to every sector. Devin is right now over-seeing an expedition to the Delta Region on the other side of Proxima Centauri and she and Ryan are also working on a treaty with the Lumis, and sometime next year she will be invited to visit their underground city.  We are hoping to gather the League of Dream Nations all together in one place for a party conference; it will be a groundbreaking symposium…

Artie:  And how about you, what is next for Lieutenant Olam?

Olam:  I am working on a new project. Oh, I still keep my hand in with the new recruits at the Academy and of course I am on the Council with Devin’s Father and Ryan, but I have been writing a book.

Artie:  Really?  That’s fantastic, can you give us any hints…

Olam:  (chuckling)  Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Artie: Alright, then I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Tell us what it felt like getting your dreams back at last when Captain Devin returned them to you.

Olam:  Well, it was like swimming in a vat of chocolate; like skipping along a beach made of cookies and cake, it was like riding a roller coaster made of rainbows and being hugged by a big fluffy teddy bear, it was like…

Artie: I think we get the idea. Thank you, Olam, it’s been great chatting with you.  Is there anything else you’d like to say to your readers and fans?

Olam:  Yes, I liked the interview you did with Devin recently, when will everyone be able to read that?

Artie: It is going to be out in a couple of days.

Olam: Well I think I’d like to end with the same thing she said…never let anyone steal your dreams! Believe in yourself and do what you feel is right.

Artie: Perfect!


We chatted a bit longer that day, and he invited me to join him for dinner with some of the lads in the mess hall.  It was a fantastic day and this reporter left Pentaris feeling good.  I think the Dream Council is doing a really good job up there, and our dreams seem to be in capable hands.


Artie Bookman.


Thank you Artie and Olam!

The Dream Stealers is released on February 19th, you can pre-order your copy here.

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