Hi guys, and welcome to another fantastic reader interview. This week we have Angel Chadwick here to tell us what she looks for in a book.

Hi, tell us a bit about yourself.Snapshot_20141110_1

Hi, my name’s Angel Chadwick. I’m a mom of a ten year old son who is autistic. I’m an avid reader, blogger and reviewer.



What makes a book cover catch your eye? Have you got a favourite?

The book cover doesn’t really make me want to read the book. I can look at a pretty or appealing cover and that is as far as it goes with me. I’m not a reader of other readers’ reviews either. What catches my eye is the title of a book. The title has to be unique and original. The title is what actually draws me into reading a book. The original content and the uniqueness of the writing will have to hold my attention throughout, since I have a very short attention span and get bored very easily and very quickly. If it doesn’t have that going for it. A pretty cover isn’t going to do it for me. No, I don’t have a favorite unless it’s in classic literature. I like dark books. The book must hold me with emotion, authenticity, intensity, passion, description, setting, very good character development and plot. The complex and compelling. Depth. Rawness. I’m not a strictly romance reader.  Meaning, if romance is the central theme I’m not interested. It can be in the book or not there at all. If it’s there there has to be another genre or subplot mixed into it to keep me interested.


When you’re reading a blurb, what would make you want to try that book? What would put you off?

The blurb being short and to the point with an air of mystery or atmospheric undertone to it would make me try a book. What would put me off  would be a book length blurb. You’ve told me everything I needed to know about the book, why would I want to read it, when basically I’ve already read it from the blurb. Other readers and reviewers in other groups on Goodreads have also said the same thing. (So I’m not alone in my thinking and feeling on this).  For this reason, I don’t make a habit of reading blurbs, if they’re too long. I also don’t read books with lengthy (like book report long) blurbs. To me it’s like going to a movie after you’ve been told all the spoilers or a good bit of them.  I don’t like spoilers. I rather find out what happens and have my own thoughts and opinions about it.




What makes you love a character? Who are your favourites from the books you’ve read and why?

Their emotion, depth, growth, strength, flaws, complexity. Like I said I like the dark stuff so Edgar Allan Poe and his works are one, but I also like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bret Harte, Tennessee Williams, William Shakespeare,  Washington Irving, Sylvia Plath to name a few. I love how deep, raw, tragic their characters are. Ralph Waldo Emerson I like the value of his words, their authenticity. These authors works speak to me in depth on so many levels.  I can relate to it.


What keeps a plot engaging, and makes you want to stick with a book/series until the end? Tell us about your favourite books!

Relatability, emotion, depth, complex characters, originality, uniqueness, eye-catching title.


Is there anything else you’d like to share about reading?



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Thanks for telling us about your reading habits, Angel! 


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