Hi guys! We get to hear from amazing authors about the writing process quite often, so now it’s time for readers to get their chance to shine. And who doesn’t love talking about their favourite books? Today Bobbie B. Free has the stage to tell us all about what she looks for in a great book.

Hi, tell us a bit about yourself.BIO PIC 2

My name is Bobbie B. Free (B.B. Free). I have been an elementary school teacher for 20 years. I teach Reading, Language Arts, and English to speakers of other languages. I’ve been writing formally and informally since I was a teenager. I published my first children’s book in 2015 called The Rescuers. I hope to publish it in Spanish this year. I am currently in the last stages of editing my first novel Friends of the Bride.


What makes a book cover catch your eye? Have you got a favourite?

It depends on what I’m in the mood to read. For light, fun reads I’m attracted to sleek, elegant, colourful illustrations, maybe even cartoons. For more serious reading, I’m drawn to an object that coupled with the title, elicits curiosity. For this type of book, more muted colors, and for some reason soft gold lettering catch my eye. I’m very selective when scanning a bookstore randomly for new material.


When you’re reading a blurb, what would make you want to try that book? What would put you off?

For me, it’s all about topic or theme. If the book is about a concept I’m interested in, like human relationships, royalty, history, the blurb will probably excite me. If the topic is not of interest to me, like politics, horror, crime, I won’t get past the second sentence.


What makes you love a character? Who are your favourites from the books you’ve read and why?

I haven’t been reading a lot of fiction lately, but I like vulnerability in a character. I root for a character who wakes up every morning to battle fears until he conquers them, and makes mistakes along the way. I love the composites J.K. Rowling constructed when creating the main characters in the Harry Potter series. I like Stephanie Plum from Janet Evanovich’s series. This character is so flawed, so real, you just want to befriend her.


staphanie plum novel


What keeps a plot engaging, and makes you want to stick with a book/series until the end? Tell us about your favourite books!

Again, haven’t read much fiction lately, but I can’t put a book down when the main character/ characters are working toward a goal that involves self-improvement, whether financial, physical, but more than anything, a goal that brings balance and peace.


Is there anything else you’d like to share about reading?

Reading is the umbrella that covers all knowledge, I feel. Awareness of the world around us cannot be complete without a thorough commitment to reading old and new material. And as a writer, my output is only as good as the amount of reading time I’ve put in during any given season.


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Thanks for coming to chat about your life as a reader, Bobbie! 

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