Hi guys! Our reader being interviewed today is an awesome bookstagrammer called Jordan Heidrich, she doesn’t just have great content- she’s an amazing person to have a good old book chat with. Make sure you check out her links and go say hi to her! Also, she’s an Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, which means she’s extra welcome around here 😉

Hi, tell us a bit about yourself.Untitled Design

Hi! My name is Jordan, I’m a book instagrammer from Australia. I love reading and I also play lacrosse.





What makes a book cover catch your eye? Have you got a favourite?

I didn’t think I had a certain book cover type that I went for, but there does seem to be some similarities when I think about my favourite covers. Personally, I love the covers for the Nevernight series by Jay Kristoff, the Rebel of the Sands covers by Alwyn Hamilton, and both the British and American covers of City of Brass. These covers have a stylized feel, with intricate details, with the last two having a distinctly Middle Eastern feel which tells me about the setting of the books and instantly set them apart from the other books on the shelves.



When you’re reading a blurb, what would make you want to try that book? What would put you off?

I like short, sharp, summaries that leave a lot of mystery, but still tell me a lot about the themes of the book. Sometimes having other authors reviews of the book helps, especially if they’re a favourite author of mine. But this technique can also backfire if I wasn’t impressed with their book and then I see them trying to recommend me another one makes me feel a little hesitant. Passages from the book that are really suspenseful work really well on me and I’ll immediately try to open it to find the scene.



What makes you love a character? Who are your favourites from the books you’ve read and why?

Oh god, this is such a hard question. I feel like I’m going to offend some of my own children. I love the ones with tragic backstories that use sarcasm to hide their inner turmoil. The self-sacrificing ones that would do anything for their friends and family. Some characters that I would absolutely die for are Aedion from the Throne of Glass series, Rhysand and Cassian from A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Matthias from Six of Crows. The majority of those characters are from Sarah J.Maas books which says a lot about me as a reader I think. There are even more characters from her books that I treasure but didn’t want to go into because we’d be here all day. But basically I like when a character can be morally grey, can make mistakes, and most importantly grow from them. I’m all about those character arcs.



What keeps a plot engaging, and makes you want to stick with a book/series until the end? Tell us about your favourite books!

I think a good balance between action and description is key. I want enough going on to keep me reading and engaged, but I also live for world building and love to be fully immersed in the experience of reading. I’ve already mentioned her before, but Sarah J.Maas books are some of those rare books that you go to bed reading them at 9pm, only to look up and it’s 2am and you have no idea how that happened. That happened to me with her most recent book, Tower of Dawn, I got halfway through it and realised it was 1am but it was too late, because I already knew I was going to finish that book that morning. The Rebel of the Sands series was another series I could not put down for even a minute. It was so fast paced that I never found a good place to stop reading for the night, so I ended up reading both books within 48 hours and I wasn’t even mad.



Is there anything else you’d like to share about reading?

I think it’s just good to read what you want to read. I have so many bookshelves full of non-fiction books, fairytales, romance, but I know that nearly every time I reach for a book, it will be a young-adult fantasy book because they are my favourite genre and I won’t apologise for that. If reading feels like a chore, then perhaps you don’t have the right book? Find something fun, quirky, interesting to you. Also don’t be overly critical. I see online especially, people picking apart books to death, trying to decide whether it’s problematic or not. You can have opinions on books or characters, but if you like that book just because it’s fun or because the characters are maybe a little bit too evil but you like them anyway (nothing can ruin my love for Killmonger from Black Panther), then you are allowed to enjoy them!


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Thank you so much for letting me interview you today, Jordan. I agree with so much of what you’ve said, especially the sarcastic characters 😉 

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