Hi guys! Today, it’s over to Kathy Roberts to tell you all about herself and her wide range of books, seriously, there’s something here for everyone… 


About Kathy:

Age 56

WV Native, still residing here.

Married, mother of 1 daughter (turns 16 in July)

I love to travel, do crafts, cook, play board games, (and practical jokes) and spend time with my family and friends.

I am very active in our church and I get involved in other projects and activities to help others.

My favorite famous author: Kathleen Woodiwiss

I am a multi-genre author


I was NOT one of those people who was destined to be an author because of all the stuff I’d written. In school I paid my aunt to write short stories and poetry that was due for Language class.   I had one teacher let me do book reports for my writing assignments after 4 attempts at poetry.  She was so kind and said we both knew I couldn’t do this, so she would work with me.  As an adult and really just some 8-9 years ago; I did write some stuff, poems about people’s retirement, birthday, anniversary, etc. but nothing that ever made be believe I’d be a true author.  I did enjoy it and I never had in school.

I began writing my first novel “Scars of the Heart” 30 years ago (1987) at age 26 in a composition book, sitting in bed each night.  I dreamed of being published, but wasn’t famous and didn’t have the money to self-publish either.  It is a clean romance novel set in medieval times and begins with murder, there’s kidnapping, deceit, mystery, espionage, treason, and more going on with a lot of pure romance thrown in. It’s a coming of age book, but continues through young adulthood for our hero and heroine.  It’s really her story but with him, she’d have no story; and they had quite the struggle to arrive at a relationship.


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In 2013 my childhood best friend’s daughter published a book, so I got mine out and started typing it to see if I might publish as well.  I hadn’t finished the book and freaked out for a couple minutes, but I’d always known how it ended, so I wrote four chapters to finish it.  I published it in 2014.

Yes I cried when I received my order of books.  My story was written and my name was on the cover of a novel–it was such a proud moment in my life.

While writing those 4 chapters, I got the entire story line for the sequel “Truth Heals the Heart” (both, stand-alone books). Published in 2015  It continues the story of our couple and takes them through the struggles of their titles, starting a family, death, tragedy and the stress of being heirs to a throne.  The ending to this book answers questions you didn’t realize you had in the first book, and is quite suspenseful. The story ends in each book, as I don’t really care for cliffhangers, but there is still room to write more chapters of their lives.


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In early 2016 I dreamed the cover of “The Elevator” and began writing it a couple days later.  A month later I dreamed the ending, so I was left to fill in the middle.  I struggled a lot with this book as I felt a paranormal should be really scary and it’s not.  Samantha is trapped in an elevator by something or someone and must free 500 souls and find someone to replace her.  People are burdened down with problems they can’t resolve and have trouble functioning normally.  She must help them realize they need help and give them advice on what to do to overcome the obstacle and move on with a productive life.  The book is the stories of the people who entered her elevator and how she helped them.  She finds she needs much help in her life too.  She’s not quite Ms. Perfect as she thought when she got on that elevator that morning.  There’s a lot of self examination going on as well as the struggle to help others when she can’t get the majority of the people to even see her, much less talk to her and take her advice. It was published in August of 2016. Cover artist is Laura LaRoche.


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Shortly after finishing the elevator I began writing a Sci-Fi Novel “Chasing the Rift”  I was making great progress with it and would have finished within a couple months, but I was asked to submit a political spoof short story in the sci-fi or horror genre for an anthology with some very big names doing the book for charity, so I stopped and did that project.  Sadly to say, I was not accepted, so I stuck a cover on my story, printed a couple dozen and sold 20 copies when I was signing at my next book event.  It was worthwhile doing it for the experience, but it was very hard to get back into my time-travel book.  I love my home state and all it’s beauty, so I set the book in the mountains here.  Professor Silvers has perfected his theory and calculations for time travel and has secured funding from NASA to conduct the experiments to see if he could determine the correct power source and actually achieve time travel.  He has secures several geniuses from West Virginia University to participate in an internship at the Laurel Fork Federal Wilderness Area in the mountains of West Virginia to do the trials.  They were not very far into their testing when they all decided that should they achieve this feat, it was too big for any government to have.  There would be too many egotistical, power hungry, people that would want to make so many changes in the past and future that the world would up turned upside down, so they created an elaborate plan to keep NASA or anyone else from discovering time travel.  It becomes quite the cat and mouse game and actually solves one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century in the end.  Talk about twists and turns!  This book was published in 2017 Cover artist is Laura LaRoche.


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I have also written 6 children’s books for a teaching/self-help series called “Adventures With Freddy”  They are full color picture books with great lessons.  (*NOTE:  They are not hardback, they are softback books, but have a nice heavy cover)  The first two books have been published in 2017 with one more due to come out in the fall.  The remaining three will be out in 2018 barring any unforeseen problems.  I’d been searching for an illustrator since 2009 and finally found a very talented young lady.  Lena Phillips, a Hurricane WV resident as well, is a high school graduate this year and will be furthering her education with an art degree from Bridge Valley in South Charleston WV.  The first story is actually true, I did teach my little cousin how to scare monsters when he was three years old and I also taught his son the same lesson when he was three.  The rest are based on issues and problems children face and problems their parents deal with in teaching them.  They can identify with Freddy and get their own understanding of how to handle a situation they have to deal with.

The subtitles for the series is as follows:

“I Can Scare Monsters”  Freddy is scared to go to bed because the monsters will get him.  Cousin Kathy teaches him how to not be afraid because he could actually scare the monsters away.

“Where Do My Vegetables Go”  Freddy learns how important vegetables are in building a healthy body and is taught that he has to taste them and ends up liking many vegetables.

“Watch Out for the Toy Snatcher”  All parents struggle with how to get their child to pick up their toys, this teaches how toys left lying around may attract a toy snatcher and they could lose their favorite toys.

“I Want to Stay Up” teaches children the importance of rest.

“I’m not Afraid of the Dark!’  Freddy learns why he shouldn’t be afraid in the dark and helps children identify with him in overcoming their fears as well.

“Who’s Afraid of the Storm? Not Me!”  Freddy learns what a storm is and how to deal with the fear associated with it.

                 wheredoveggoGet Where Do My Vegetables Go?


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All my books are available on Amazon and the links to each are above.  They are all available on e-books as well.

My e-mail is kathyr121@live.com should anyone want to contact me with an order, questions, etc.  Just put one of my book titles in the subject line so I can pick it out of the hundreds of spam e-mails I receive daily.

My Facebook page is here.

My website is here. Pricing includes autographed paperback and postage.


My current project is another new genre for me, Fantasy!  It’s coming along nicely and I hope to publish it this year.

If I had to describe my books as a whole, they’re all about the journey.  Which is what all our lives are really.


Here are the places I’ll be the rest of this year:

6/9-11/17 Sci-Fi Valley Con in Altoona PA

8/26/17 Cupcake Festival, Milton WV Pumpkin Park  (Fundraiser for The Children’s Miracle Network)

10/28/17 Celebrating WV Authors at the Crossroads Mall in Beckley WV 10-9pm

11/11/17 Beckley Holiday Jam 10-3pm at the Raleigh County Convention Center (Fundraiser for Just For Kids, Inc.)


Thanks so much for joining us, Kathy! 

I hope you all enjoyed getting to see a new author and spotted something that intrigued you from her collection. Make sure to go visit her at one of the events if you’re nearby, and support these great causes. Take care guys!