Hi guys, I’m excited to tell you all that I’ve been given the sunshine blogger award! I’ve been honoured by an awesome lady, Brydie Wright, and you can check out the interview with Daddy from her book ‘Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo’ here.

Thanks Brydie!

As part of this award, I have a set of ten questions for a character from Heirs of Power to answer and I put it to a Facebook vote to find out who you would like to be interviewed.




So, here is your winner… Mr Asher Grey!

Seriously? Can’t believe you got them to vote, we both knew I’d win.

And we both knew I was just looking forward to making the cool little ‘who will you vote for?’ graphic.

Gotta get your kicks somehow, I guess. You got some questions, love?


Okay, I have the questions here, #1 What genre did your author write you into? What makes your character a great fit for this genre?

It’s a fantasy series. I can teleport anything I touch, so I doubt I’d fit in over at the historical fiction shelf. And I like playing with swords, so it works well for me, yeah, I’d probably get bored if I didn’t have any magical freaks to fight off.

It’s true, you are amazing with swords and sorcery, though from what some fans have said, I think they’d enjoy seeing you as a lead in a romance novel.

Can you blame them? Swoon away, ladies!


#2 What is the hardest thing about being you?

Holding back when people do really stupid stuff, seriously, I deal with morons on a daily basis. And I have to be nice to them.

I have a couple of quotes from you here- “I’d vote for the useless ditz to do all the decision making before I trust The Dancer with anything more crucial than arranging a bloody birthday party.” And “The Swordsman’s just baggage, I don’t think I ever met anyone less useful in my entire life.” Is this you ‘being nice?’

On a scale against their idiocy, I’m being a bloody gent there.


#3 Do you agree with all the choices your author makes for you?

You assume I don’t make them? That’s cute.

You do insist on being the centre of attention a lot of the time.

You know it works, that’s why you let me. *Smirks*


#4 Being a literary type, we really must know – are you a cat, or a dog person?

We never had pets growing up. Me and my dad were so focussed on getting stronger to fight the Tenebri that we’d probably have neglected a cactus to death. I guess, if I had the choice, I’d go with a dog. They’re loyal, trainable, intelligent. Damn, I’d trade in some people I know for one. Anyone got a spare puppy?


#5 Does your author play favourites with her characters? Where do you fit on this spectrum?

Yeah, she does, and I’m right at the top- she has great taste. I get a lot of page time, but I have a lot to say and we have fun figuring out the best way to get it across. I’m half-convinced this is secretly my story, though in the second book there’s more stuff with some of the other characters too so none are getting left out.

You’re much worse than me for playing favourites, Asher.

Yeah, I had to extend the lowest part of my spectrum twice to find a fair spot to put The Dancer on. Could’ve gone further but she’s not worth the effort.


#6 If you could choose a love interest from the other characters in your book, who would it be and why?

I’m kinda in the middle of saving the world right now, I’ll figure that out after.

But if you had to… People really want to know!

All the women are other Lucidians, we can’t share a first child or they won’t inherit our powers properly. There were a couple of other ladies in the book, pretty sure they were married to original Constellations though, so that’s another no. I just want someone that can deal with being constantly hunted and fighting off enemies. And me being a jackass now and again, apparently it happens.


#7 If you could choose a name for your own blog and write about what you know and love, what would it be and why?

I’m good at a lot of things, so it’d be hard to narrow down. Maybe just ‘Being Awesome with Asher.’ The best thing I could teach is fighting; I’d go through different weapons and styles, best tactics for each situation. Most people don’t need that though, I reckon I’d end up writing about art. I’m always drawing, and I paint pretty well too. It’s handy for gathering information, and I do enjoy it.


#8 Do you have any plans to take over the world?

Maybe I should, things would run way better. Gonna concentrate on saving it first though, we’ll see about domination after.


#9 What do you think your author’s best qualities are?

You’re assuming I think she has positive ones…

It says ‘best’ not ‘good’ therefore, you have to pick something.

She’s malleable, writes pretty much whatever I want. *Grins* We have a laugh though, I get on with anyone that appreciates my sense of humour and tells me I’m their favourite. She’s tough in her own way, my author, persistent and hard-working. I’d work with her again. And kill anyone that messed with her.




#10 If you could speak directly to your readers, without the author as a middleman, what would you like them to hear from the horse’s mouth?

Don’t half-ass anything, if you’re gonna do something, you put every bit of yourself into it and make it happen. You don’t waste time looking what everyone else is doing and moaning you aren’t as good, you could be using that energy to improve. Just don’t whine in general, no-one wants to hear that crap. And don’t tiptoe around the truth, if you don’t agree with what’s going on, say so. And then do something about it, even if it has to be something big.


Thanks, Asher, it’s been really great having you here.

Getting to talk about myself? Anytime.


For the second part of the Sunshine Blogger award, I have to nominate some other bloggers and set some questions for a character of theirs. So, I am passing the badge of honour to:

Cecily Wolfe

Ember Raine Winters

Jo Tilley


Your questions are:

#1 What genre is your book? Which other genre would you like your story to have been and why?

#2 If you and your author met up, what would you do?

#3 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

#4 What superpower or ability would you like to have?

#5 How would you like to be remembered?

#6 If you and your author traded places, what would you make her do?

#7 Tell us one thing you are really good at and one thing you’re really bad at.

#8 Does your author let you be in control, or does she rein you back a lot?

#9 What do you like most about your author?

#10 What other characters from your book do you get on best and worst with? Why?