Today we are celebrating the release of Cecily Wolfe’s latest book, That Night. This is her first foray into the YA genre, and it’s already looking to be a hard-hitting and emotional read. Cecily is a wonderful author and person, and if this seems like your kind of book you should definitely go and grab yourself a copy!



Drug overdoses don’t happen to girls with good grades and athletic prowess, with longtime friends and a devoted boyfriend. Or do they?

When high school seniors Cassidy and Sarah, along with Kayla’s boyfriend Paul, discover their best friend Kayla unconscious at a party, the idea that they have lost her to a heroin overdose is unbelievable. She didn’t use drugs, except the pain medicine prescribed for a soccer injury, and she had no reason to accept any from a stranger. The month that follows her death is filled with anxiety, sadness, frustration, and questions. Answers won’t bring Kayla back, however, so as Cass and Sarah struggle with the insensitive but predictable behavior of parents, classmates, and teachers, Paul falls into a depression that leads him down a dangerous path. With Kayla’s younger sister Mia in mind, the three of them work towards forging ahead without the girl who has held them together since elementary school.


Cecily Wolfe is the author of A Harvest of Stars, Reckless Treasure, and the Cliff Walk Courtships series. Visit her online at or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Praise for Cecily Wolfe:

Had me riveted from page one. (Interviews & Reviews on Throne of Grace)

A solid historical romance. (Goodreads reviewer on Throne of Grace)

Artful description. (Amazon reviewer on A Harvest of Stars)

Powerfully written and well-crafted. (The Genre Minx on Reckless Treasure)

Brilliant job developing characters. (Amazon reviewer on Reckless Treasure)