Hi guys, today I get to share an except from Devra Robitaille’s latest fantastical YA book, The Henge. So cosy down, read this intriguing piece, and make sure you catch up with the other blog tour stops here.


Excerpt of The Henge by Devra Robitaille


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Devra Robitaille, author of The Henge

Concinnity recognized the moment and started to move her hands.   Everyone mirrored her movements.  Then she said in a clear voice above the chanting, “I am Concinnity of the Noble House of Song, I am the Noble Keeper of the True Sound and I offer this tone to you as I command that the stone remembers the covenant of our ancestors and rises up now……”

The stone began to tremble.  The gathering was trembling too, no one dared to move or stop chanting.  The stone grew brighter as if the light within it came from an endless and beginning-less flame that was being fanned by the chanting; an eternal flame that would bring blessings to the land and to the people.

The chanting was loud, the sound was echoing around the quarry and bouncing back and forth between the stones and the trees, the sky and the land.  The vibrating became so pronounced that the very ground under their feet was shaking.  And then it happened.  Steadily it began to rise.  The part of the stone that could be seen above the jade pool at the base of the quarry got bigger; it rose up steadily now.  It was out of the water.  It hovered above the jade lake.  It rose higher and higher as the sound defied gravity, and the stone was free from confinement.  Up above the quarry now it seemed to be hovering, it was levitating effortlessly, floating as if it had no mass or weight.

Concinnity moved her hands, turning away from the quarry.  Everyone mimicked her, the stone quivered for a moment and then moved away from the edge of the quarry.  It started to float down the small hill towards the boat that had been prepared to receive it.  The crowd had been told that under no circumstances, no matter what happened, must they stop chanting.  The chanting continued loudly and robustly as Concinnity guided the heavy stone along the grid of bright energy lines towards the boat.  She was almost running now, hands still in the air guiding and directing and the crowd followed as the glowing stone seemed to glide along on an invisible track.

At last the stone was hovering in the air above the boat which was moored in the stream nearby.  The chanting reached a crescendo now as the stone very gently came down like a feather to rest in the boat.  Concinnity made a signal and the chanting stopped abruptly.  The glow became dimmer now and then the light went out.   And Concinnity of the Noble House of Song crumpled at the edge of the stream in a dead faint.




Away to the north of the Noble Village of the Arts there is, buried in a jade lake at the bottom of a quarry, a stone with magical properties—a stone that sings. Izraziti the Dreamer has seen the stone through the eyes of an eagle as he soars over the quarry at night. Concinnity Song and her twin brothers, along with the council of twelve must mobilize all the hunter-warriors to raise the stone and transport it across the land, and build a henge to protect it, according to the covenant with the ancestors for the future of civilization. To do this they must tap into the true tone that will levitate the singing stone and its companion blue stones out of the quarry. They will have to battle their enemies, not just the human kind, but a cataclysmic flood and catastrophic fire that threaten to wipe them all out. As they travel across the land with the stones, the people come together and create an amazing civilization on a journey that will culminate in one brilliant night, the night of the solstice, when all the stones will be raised together to form…The Henge.


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